First Quilt: Bear’s Blanket

I am an excellent gift giver. I LOVE to pick out a gift, pour my thoughtfulness and my creativity into them, and then watch the face of the receiver light up as they realize my gift is the greatest and best gift they’ve ever received.

Ok… So I’m a little cocky about it.

But seriously, I do give great gifts. And I love to give and pick out that perfect gift.

So one Christmas I got the great idea to surprise my son with a quilt for his teddy bear and a promise to quilt him a matching one.

I got this idea from a great little jelly roll set of cute bugs and bright colors. I figured, with my beginner quilting abilities, I’d be able to pop out a quick quilt with a pre-cut set. So I set to work.

Well, Christmas came and the quilt top was done and my son was…not so impressed. And I was a tiny bit frustrated.

You see, I’d only started one quilt years before this experiment only to let it languish in the closet of unfinished crafts. Other than piecing together the top, I had NO clue how to sew a quilt, batting and backing. To make matters worse, I had never heard of binding and how to finish the damn thing.

So the quilt top sat…and sat…and sat till August came and my little monster got sick. We were stuck at home with a fever and no TV (I don’t subscribe to any cable). Insanity was hot on my case so I decided to pull out the bear quilt, check out You Tube and find out what the deal was this the whole binding thing.

In the end, I learned a lot and I got past my binding fears to finish the quilt.

Borders and Binding

The colors are bright and full of life. I loved it and thought what better material for a little boy’s teddy bear.


I let my son pick out the color for the back of the quilt. This green was awesome and had just a little bit of texture to it.


In the end, the quilt was beautiful and I was proud of my accomplishments. Yeah, it took me a good 9 months from beginning to end to finish it but I can’t complain.

And neither can Teddy Bear…

4 thoughts on “First Quilt: Bear’s Blanket

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