Beginning of a Stash




All the things one thinks about when building a stash.

I’m a novice quilter. I’ve only been at it some 5 odd years.

But in that time I’d started and stopped projects. I’ve tried new things and quickly lost interested. I’ve birthed a child and ended or started a relationship in between.

So my stash has been sorely neglected.

What is a stash? Well, it’s like pirate booty. A storage of material waiting to be used.

Since learning about charm packs, jelly roles, honey buns and layer cakes, I’ve started collecting them. There are so many different sets and I can see a use for them all. It’s nice to know, too, that the stress of cutting is taken care of.

I’m a horrible cutter. Couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life.

With these pre-cut kits, the hardest part is done for me. So I just start laying out my pieces and stitch them together and VOILA!

A quilt is born.

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