Unfinished: Memorial Quilt

About last August, I was commissioned to make a quilt for a family mourning the loss of a dearly loved member.

I knew little of this person but felt the profound respect and love through the people she left behind.

When asked if I would make a quilt using some of the material from her robe, I was honored to be considered. I even brought in my little teddy bear quilt I was finishing the binding on to show that yes, I would and could do this.

So I set out to find some beautiful browns and greens to balance out the pink of the robe. I was in heaven picking out the earthy tones with flecks of gold.

The colors and materials I picked for the project.

Because of the state of the well loved robe, I decided it would be best to use the material on the back of the quilt were I would applique little hearts in her honor.

Heh…applique. Something I’d never done before. So once again I was off to You Tube and Google to find out the best way to go about this process.

All pieced together and ready to bind

Here is the quilt pieced together and quilted. I did a simple machine stitch around the outer edge of the smaller brown borders.

The hearts were ironed on first then appliqued.

Onto the back, inside the quilted squares, I ironed on the hearts cut from the robe. I cut different sized and types of hearts and arranged them randomly with one large heart in one square of each row.

I did a GREAT job of picking a thread for the applique. So good I’m having a hard time distinguishing between attached hearts and hearts that still need work.

Slowly but surely I’m reaching the finish line.

I’m almost there!

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