Unfinished: Pooh Bear Baby Quilt

I love babies.

I love babies and all that baby stuff.

Ok maybe not pink baby stuff but I love the soft colors, the simple patterns and just the delicate nature of a fresh new life.

6 years ago I was gifted a fat quarter bundle of Classic Pooh Bear material. It was precious! And I knew that someday I’d like to have a baby and decorate completely in a Pooh Bear motif.

Well that day came and that idea flew so fast out of my head, I don’t even remember it leaving my brain. All I knew is that when they said I was having a boy, my theme would be Noah’s Ark.

And I’m not even religious.

But Noah was his theme and it’s pretty appropriate to this day since he has a huge obsession with animals and all living creatures. Especially scaly, slimy ones.

Every mothers’ dream.

So for years that Pooh Bear quilt sat untouched as I moved around. It’s just a simple quilt top with some borders added.

Borders and squares

Simple, non-gender specific. A great quilt for a new baby gift.

Back and front

The backing is a light yellow, an almost off-white color. It’s so simple and yet so sweet. I just love it!

It desperately needs to be pressed. Then after I do that, the next step is to quilt the pieces together. I thought for aesthetic purposes I’d only machine quilt the solid colored squares. Then I’ll quilt around the inner edge of the border before starting the binding which will be the same off-white, soft yellow color of the back.

Check back to see my progress.

One thought on “Unfinished: Pooh Bear Baby Quilt

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