Ooooh, I've got mail!!

On Friday this arrived along with a box that is hidden underneath it. I knew it would be there but still, it’s nice to arrive home to a package in your mailbox.

Some black and white fat quarters

First package contained some black and white fat quarters that I just loved! They are simple yet clean. I have a plan for some of them already.

A set of light colored fat quarters

After that, I opened the box and in it contained 4 different fat quarter bundles all with this antique vintage feel to them. The colors are simple: browns, blues, blacks, white and off white. I could see a few different possibilities with these.

This bundle had a mixture of colors.

Another great set with the mix of black and brown. The patterns are lively and bright without being too much.

A bundle of mostly brown hues

Now this set wasn’t a favorite. I like it and it will work in well with the others but…there is something about the color combos I’m not in love with. I think it might be a tad too yellow for my tastes.

This bundle was not what I was hoping for.

Sadly this bundle was not what I was expecting. For some reasons what I had pictured were more lively blues and browns and a healthy mixture of the two. The browns in this felt too red. And the blues were too deep. But if I pull this bundle apart and use it with others, it should work out ok.

Overall it was a very pleasing catch! My stash is bulking up quite nice. I should have at least two more purchases arriving in the mail and I looked forward to sharing those too.

Spring has sprung!

Spring has started to show it’s little face around our complex. Flowers are blooming, fruit is ripening and the days are lasting longer and longer. It’s been hot enough to swim and even sleep with the windows open and the fans running. I’m enjoying the warmer weather except that it almost feels like we’ve skipped Spring and headed straight into Summer.

After all the rain this year, though, it should be a rather beautiful time of the year.

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