Second Quilt: Memorial Quilt

It’s finished!!!

I started this memorial quilt in August of 2010 I finished the last stitch in April of 2011. Shaved a month off my finishing time. One more step to being a more proficient quilter.

My pride and joy: The mitered corners came out great!

Of all the things I learned and practiced on this quilt, my mitered corners are truly my favorite thing. They came out very good. Straight and well folded. I love them! I’m proud of that work!

A view of the front and back (pre-ironing)

The whole thing is beautiful and I just love it! I can’t wait to iron it and get it pressed so that it’s presentable. Can’t wait to hand it over to my friend’s family.

It’s funny how in the middle of the process when you are just starting out, it’s only a thought. An idea. Even just a dream. You see the colors in your mind, the pattern laid out before you even begin cutting. Then slowly it starts to come together.

As a quilter, I love the beginning and the end. The middle of the project makes me nervous because what I envision and what starts to come together rarely matches and I worry I’ve made a mistake. But once the whole thing is laying before me, stitched and bound and pressed, I’m in awe that I could ever worry.

In Loving Memory:

Louise Marie Visconti

9/11/1925 – 6/27/2011

9 thoughts on “Second Quilt: Memorial Quilt

  1. Thank you for the lovely (and funny!) comment on my blog, I’ve just read back through some of your posts and it was a great way to spend some time! You’re blog is brill 🙂 Laura ♥

    • Thanks for visiting Laura. It’s such a pleasure to read through all these inspirational quilter’s blogs. I’m just loving it!

  2. Your mitered corners do look lovely. Great job! I agree with what you said about being in the middle of the process , I feel the same way. I love memory quilts. This one is looking great!

    • Oh yes…the dreaded middle. Thanks for stopping by. I proudly handed this quilt over tonight and I think everyone loved it. I was very proud. And a bit sad to let it go.

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  4. Congrats on finishing the quilt – I’m sure it will be a comfort to the family. I’ve been creating custom memorial quilts from clothing for several years and it’s an awesome way to help others with their grief.

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