Let’s Begin At The Beginning

1986 or 1987

This is not my quilt. Nor is that little being me.

This is my mother’s quilt. And that is my sister about age 3.

I remember this quilt. I remember the cutting and the pinning.

The large cardboard mat that was laid out on the floor that we would use in our make-believe games.

I remember my mom cutting her hand. Right in the webbing of her thumb.


This is still not my quilt. And it’s still not me.

This is still my mother’s quilt. And this little human is my son.

In 25 years the colors have worn off and the quilt is well loved in many areas.

But the memories and the comfort it provides still linger.

This is not my quilt, it’s my dream. My mother’s legacy.

I may not be a great quilter but I’m just beginning.

I may not sew the straightest seams or cut in perfect lines. But I’m working on it.

With each simple pattern and design I complete, the better I become.

Give me a chance. Watch me sew.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Begin At The Beginning

  1. Oh, I just love your post! I am a very sentimental quilter. You will make great quilts. I have learned so much since I first began almost 10 years ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    • Wow, I really appreciate your comment. I know I’m just at the beginning but with so many great quilters out there and their blogs, it’s hard not to judge where I am against them. But I hope some day to have the confidence and skills I want now.

    • Yes, I really believed that some quilters put little parts of themselves into their quilts and whether they keep them or pass them on, each quilt is special.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! This post is a wonderful expression lovely nostalgic associations quilts can have. I have quilted for just over a year and there is no turning back now. My kids are 3 and 6 and I know they will have childhood memories of watching me quilt and playing with my fabrics. Good luck on your quilting journey!

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