Side Stitches: DIY Lunch Bag for Jake

I like the idea of reusable materials and items in my home. I recently went through a cleaning frenzy and got rid of all the plastic containers in my kitchen and switched to tin or glass. Why? Well, we had so many mismatched, cracked or plastic containers with missing lids that I had a hard time using them and washing them was not easy.

Also they can only be run through the dishwasher on the top shelf so that meant my top shelf was always overflowing and there was never enough room to get everything in. So I gave up, tossed them all out and bought a few glassware sets.

Ahhh…much better. In my craze to find a more sustainable way to do everything, I ran across this blog, Prudent Baby. I was enthralled! Lots of DIY projects and sewing tutorials. But this project, DIY Fabric Lunch Bag, was the search that brought me to the site. And since I was on a crafting roll with all the quilts I had lined up to finish, I HAD to give it a try.

Some material I found for my little dragon

So, I went in search of dragon material and found this adorable pattern. Was able to find it for sale on eBay for $6.00 a yard. Why dragons? Because my son is a dragon.

What I wake up to in the morning...

Almost literally.

And I knew he’d just die if he could have a dragon lunch baggies for his first days in Kindergarten this Fall.

Too cute!

Isn’t it just priceless? Those chubby dragons are just too cute to pass up. So I bought a yard of it in the hopes to attempt the lunch bag DIY project and make at least one if not two.

After that, I’m tempted to try making baggies that are also reusable with this DIY Cloth Snack Baggies project. Other than finding the lining to make the baggies icky proof, I’m ready to take it on!

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