Just Starting: Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt

Pinned and ready for sewing

Back when I made my son’s bear a quilt for Christmas, I bought extra rolls and material to make Jake one too. And the promise was that I would quilt Bear’s quilt first and then make him a matching one so they could be twins. Well it’s been about two years and I haven’t looked at the stuff for it let alone worked on it.

Already made squares

There was a little bit of work done on it years ago after Bear’s quilt was finished. Some piecing and a small handful of squares have been made. Looking at all the strips I have pinned that are ready to be sewn together, I’m realizing I won’t use everything I have unless I make a very big quilt. So that might be my challenge, make my first quilt larger than a 16 square lap quilt.

So now with quilts two and three out of the way, I can officially sit down and give my attention to my son’s little twin quilt to match his bear’s.

Bear's Quilt

He’s very excited that my next project has him in mind and has asked how he can help. Hummm…..I like the idea of him having a hand in it but what? I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a helper in my crafting corner.


My little helper?

Who can say no to that face?

6 thoughts on “Just Starting: Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt

    • Hahahha, thanks. He’s a real cutie and also a little stinker. He’s super smart and keeps me on my toes. Someday I’d like to have another but for now, I’m doing ok with it just being us 🙂

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