Well Rounded

I’m a mother. I take care of this little guy who likes to dress up, play pretend and who would one day like to be a zoologist.

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I’m not overly athletic or very fit but I’m willing to try new things. And mostly because of the encouragement of my friends and family.

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With this encouragement I recently ran a Mud Run. 3.8 miles through obstacle courses and pits of mud. Was it fun? Yes, it was a good time. Would I do it again? I don’t know. Ask me again when I’m no longer sore.

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But I did it. I crossed that finish line and felt pretty good about marking that one off my list of to do.

I also cook and read. I love to find new recipes and try them out on my unsuspecting victims. And at night, when there is not a pressing need for me to find a missing Lego or help my son get out of a shirt that is mysteriously stuck on his head, I prop myself up in bed with a book or two. Or three.

I consider myself a fairly well-rounded person.

But lately, all of this well roundedness is getting to me. I feel like I have little to nothing left. Every decision seems to be big or need immediate attention. My immediate attention.

I feel like I have no place to go that in some way shields me from my momentous choices or the very constant responsibilities I have. Even in my room, when I rest and read, I have quiet reminders of the things I have yet to finish. Of things I’ve yet to work on.

I’m always on call.

I’m always tired.

Maybe, a little too tired.

It might be time to give my well rounded self a well deserved break.


2 thoughts on “Well Rounded

  1. busy brain. that is what i have too! the silence never really comes unless you are completely unconcious and that gets interupted occasionally by little ones too-

    i think that finding out own peace is the key. quilting/sewing does it for me….looks like you’ve hit the bug too. 🙂

    right now, i struggle with not letting that become more important than the little things surrounding me. kids, family, games, scouts..whatever else.
    the balance beam is so skinny! wished i fit on it better.

    • Excellent points. I kinda get obsessed about a hobby and I’ll put aside other things like going to the gym or trying new recipes. It’s balance that I seek!

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