A Bigger Stash You Say

Hand painted bundle from a fave quilting shop nearby

Yes, I’ve been shopping again. What can I say? I’m a beginner and in need of a bigger stash!

But don’t fret, this is my gift to myself for finishing my two long overdue quilts. And I got a decent refund this year so I had a little play money.

So I hit up my local quilt shop and picked up the above hand painted bundle. Of course, it’s green and blue, my favorite color combo. I like the earthy and sea colors. It’s calming and someday I’d like to have a quilt of my very own.

Also picked up a few eBay auctions. Oddly the last set was more brown and black and tan. This I went with golds and yellows.


Changing it up with some yellow

Thought the patterns in this set were fun!


A beautiful mixture of golds

These I felt were more conservative but still very nice.


A soft set of grays

Now this is more my style for myself. Subtle, soft, light.


Some fat quarters I bought in the $1 bin

And of course I’m rarely able to pass up a good deal. $1? Yes please!!

A set of 100 samplers

And here is my first set of sampler squares. What I’ll do with it, I have no clue. We shall see.

Overall it was a new haul and I was happy to file it away in my nice little quilting shelf.

Now there is the question of What’s In That Box that’s been hanging out in my closet since I moved here, but that’s fodder for another stash post.

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