Side Stitches: Fresh Pears Table Runner

We are a busy bunch around here. Between work and school, soccer and the gym, daily projects and just the day to day tasks around the house, I rarely find time to get out and be social.

Not that I mind too much. I’m a more introverted person as it is and since the birth of my son, I’ve happily found my little corner of the web and communicate through the means of social media. Oh, I get out too, but finding groups or people with the same interests as me in the short amount of time I can spare is tough. So I use the good old web and seek out online groups with similar interests. Like quilting!

Not long ago I joined Quilt With Us, a quilting community online. It’s pretty cool because you can join groups with different quilting interests, you have your own page and there are lots of people with different levels of experience. So far I’ve joined two groups, a Newbie Quilters group and a UFO group for unfinished projects.

I’d still love to find the time and the ability to join a quilting group that meets in person but that’s a dream for another day.

In one of my groups, we’ve started a project. It’s called the Fresh Pears table runner. Just a small project to get our feet wet in the areas of applique, piecing, binding and finishing a small project.

Start of a square

Here is the start of it.

Yesterday my son decided to throw a tantrum (the first one in a very long time) and it took him a good 45 minutes to calm down. So while he yelled and had his moment, I went into my little sewing corner and did some cutting and piecing.

Though it’s a casual group, there is a deadline for this project so that it’s not left hanging around. We are aiming for end of July though I’d like to see this project finished before mid May for me.

I’m using a Moda Full Circle charm pack for the piecing. And I bought enough to make more than one if I prefer. I plan to bind it with a dark chocolate solid and also use that for the backing. The pears to be appliqued are to be done on a tarragon colored solid. Not sure about it yet. The green might be too light. I may need a more earthy green against the darker tones.

We shall see!

7 thoughts on “Side Stitches: Fresh Pears Table Runner

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m hoping when I get home it will start warming up. We are enjoying the beach and sun.
    I am part of a quilt guild that meets weekly doing different things. Maybe you could check out your area. There’s one in most places.

    • Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

      My area has one or two but they all seem to meet in the mornings 😦 Once I get a little more time free (haha, if I can) I may look into them again.

  2. I LOVE the red. It is vibrant! I’m working with some easter like colors so you know, grass is always greener… Lol. But I love the colors your working with. I am in the habit of starting a project before I am done with another and am trying to hold back from jumping into working with some reds. God knows, I have enough on my quilting plate. I am going to be officially starting the binding tomorrow. Thanks again for your help in that area btw. 🙂

    • Ashley, I have the same issue! I can’t help but start a few projects. This one is to learn with and also for me, my first quilting project I’ll keep. But I’m also working on Jake’s quilt and while it’s cute, the fabric doesn’t draw me in as much. So I think having more than one to bounce between isn’t a horribly bad idea 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a nice time out. You needed it! haha! I always think it’s better to put yourself in time out than the kid in these cases. LOL. Love what you’re working on. It will be great!

    Stephanie (AKA Mama Pea)

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