Friday Night Sew-In: The Newbie!

Last night was my first ever Friday Night Sew-In. I was happy to have found it. The motivation of knowing so many people were doing the same thing on the same night got me to sit down and pound out some decent work on Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt.

Handmade by HeidiBut before I get into the quilt pictures and progress, I must say I am proud of myself. I finally got around to repairing my son’s poor dragon costume.

My little dragon

What started as a simple Halloween costume shown here, has faded and slowly fallen apart. It was the best $60 I ever spent because he sleeps in it…literally. But the crotch has worn out and a huge hole had grown there. Also one of the wings elastic band was missing so a new one needed to be attached.

As I explained to my little dragon that I needed to sew tonight and I would be working on his quilt, he quietly sneaked down to the dryer and got his cleaned costume. He then brought it to me and gently put it in my lap, urging me to fix it. So I did…

The well love costume

His wing now has an elastic band and there are no more holes in the crotch. Due to his overwhelmingly fast growth, I dare say this outfit won’t last much longer anyhow. But, I love my son and if he wants to wear this to threads, I’ll see to it that he does.

Then I pulled out his bear quilt, the one I’m working on to match the first quilt I finishedย for his teddy bear. I already had some squares done and a lot of strips pinned together. All I had to do was sit down and start sewing them together.

Already made squares

It’s a very cute pattern made out of a jelly roll I bought from the now gone fabric section of Wal-Mart. It was nice when it was available because it was close to work so when I need something I could run there during my hour lunch break. Now that it’s gone, I stick to my fabric shopping online or during the weekends when I have the time to run to Jo Anns or to a fabric outlet.

Not enough?

I finished piecing the squares and managed to finished three rows including their borders. I did, however, make the startling realization that I don’t think I have enough of the green to finish the border. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!! And because it was a jelly roll that is no longer carried, I’m not sure of the green fabric’s number. So. I think I’ll end after the fourth row of squares, border them with the green and then add a border of two from the left over stripes to fatten up the quilt.

So many left

I definitely have enough of those!

And now for the progress I made last night. I’ve attached all three rows and have one more to finished. As of this morning my little dragon would like some yellow and blue strips added to the outer border to bulk it up.

Almost there

It’s such a bright and color fabric.


This is the row yet to be added. The last of the four.

Good morning, little Dragon

Hey, there is a dragon on my quilt!

I had the little man lay down on it to check for size. Yes, I know there are more proficient means of measurement but he was there and oh so excited about his blanket so I wanted to include him and had it laid out for him to test. He says it’s not big enough. I concur.

See you all later. I’m off to Disneyland today and my weekends are usually pretty busy so I plan to hop around once I survive make it through to Monday.

9 thoughts on “Friday Night Sew-In: The Newbie!

  1. Have fun at Disney Land!!! If throw on a dragon costume do you think I could come? ๐Ÿ˜‰ what I wouldn’t give to be a kid at Disney Land today! Lol

    I think these fabrics are so adorable and your posts, btw, are so relatable and beautifully written. Thanks for the sewing update! You are keeping me inspired!

  2. Your little dragon is so cute… and how wonderful he loves his dragon outfit so much.

    The quilt is coming along and looks great… I sew for grandchildren now and love it when they stand by the machine while I’m sewing… to watch whatever it is I’m making for them come into being…

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