I Have To Do WHAT!??!

Life is not perfect. Nothing is seamless, spotless or perfectly pressed.

And as with life, quilting is also not perfect.

Or so I’m learning.

I am a beginner. I’ve never taken a class and all my skills are hard learned at home, on my own. It ain’t easy but I have a passion for putting together fabrics and making things.

There is nothing like finishing a quilt that lifts my spirit and makes me feel accomplished. Well, maybe making a fabulous dinner party happen where everyone RAVES over how lovely it was and how good the food was. And that I didn’t burn the house down.

But, as much as I love to quilt, it has it’s downside.

I’ll be honest with ya here and just share a few things I *hate* about quilting.

The dreaded rotary cutter

The cutting. Oi…I can’t cut straight worth snot. Things always have a curve or always start out fine and end up a little bit smaller or bigger at the other end. Sigh, it annoys me GREATLY that nothing I cut comes out perfectly. I’m always having to adjust during sewing to to make up for my lack of straight cutting.

My mom taught me how to tears strips with the fabric’s grain so that you don’t have to cut it. That works sometimes but every once in awhile you get a material that doesn’t want to tear properly. Ugh. So you’ll be working on something that has multiple fabrics and just one wants to go wonky on ya.

So that’s my first gripe.

My second issue is binding. Seriously now, why must my binding never come out the same way? I’m either right on with the binding on the back and my front side is crooked or messy OR my front side is looking great and then I turn it over to find a mess.

Stupid binding…

Uh oh....binding

And don’t get my started on hand stitching the binding. I did my son’s bear’s quilt that way and it was ghastly. So I started to machine the binding and it’s still not great but good enough.

Obviously I have LOADS to learn…

These things never seem to go smoothly and are the top reasons why it takes me so long to finish a quilt. I’ll get to the cutting and get frustrated. I’ll put it aside and move onto another project, one I’ve already cut and sweat through or one of the pre-cut sets I love because the cutting is done for me.

And the binding is probably the hardest because there are so many steps to get through and I just get tired of it because I know when I go to attach it, something will go wrong and I’ll put it down to be finished later.

Yes, I know. I can see that I’m practically whining about two essential parts of making a quilt from beginning to end. Totally see what I’m doing there.

But every negative has a positive so for these two dislikes, I have some extremely positive loves. Like picking the material, piecing it together.

Sewing on my good ol’ machine and listening to it whirl. Pressing my seams and then turning it over to see my hard work paying off.

MITERED CORNERS! Probably my dorkiest love of quilting. Seriously, I’d marry a mitered corner if it was possible, I love them so much. Somehow, even with my binding problems, my mitered corners come out freakin’ fan-damn-tastic and I love it.

3 thoughts on “I Have To Do WHAT!??!

  1. I was laughing reading your post today. Laughing while reading it by myself! I have had many of the same thoughts. πŸ™‚ I just joined a block swap so now I can subject other people to my erratic quilting. Lol. They don’t know what they have coming (jk).
    I really liked your post today though, your writing had so much energy and life. It was a great read!

  2. I have the same problems with cutting. It frustrates me so much that sometimes it’s hard to get started. I’m better with bindings but my mitters….well, not that good. It’s probably my attention span. I love fabric and there are projects were everything goes right and its wonderful. So, I just keep practicing. πŸ™‚

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