Weekend Update: Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Last week I took a much needed week off of work.

Now, I need another week off to recover from my week off.

Spring break has come and gone, leaving me a husk of the person I knew. What I thought would be a great week of bonding and playing and accomplishing chores ended up being a week of fighting, arguing, crying and frustration.

Instead of feeling refreshed and relaxed, I’m tired and drained.


And it’s not all because I over planned my week off with things to do but mostly because my son is hitting a rough patch phase of disagreeing with everything, needing or wanting everything AT THAT MOMENT, and just being plain difficult in general. And I’m so tired most of the time so my lack of energy is clashing with his amped need for attention and activity.

What I wouldn’t give for a peaceful morning with no plans and no little feet digging into my side. Well, it’s a dream for another day.

As for my week off, I’m back to work now after getting the internet installed, having a spa day that was the highlight of my week, going to an Angels game for my son’s first baseball game, went to a bubble show and then a morning at the science center. We stayed busy, that’s for sure.

I also pieced two squares together for a secret project. That was a great accomplishment for me. Got them done in a day. But that was all the quilting I was able to get in during my week off. I hope to get a few nights in this week and finish up the quilt I’m working on for Jake.

As for now, I need to work on my Google reader and get a few 1000 blog posts read. Yeah, I’m a bit behind.

But not for long…

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