Unfinished: Jake’s Quilt

Houston…we have a problem.

So I’ve put down a little time on Jake’s quilt to match his bear’s. A few nights this week I stayed up after Jake went to bed and added some borders to the quilt. I figured, if I added the matching strips to the ends of the quilt, it will lengthen it without being too much trouble.

Completed quilt top

In a few nights I had it done. The borders were added and the quilt top was completed. I was happy to be so close to moving on.

Ummm…Ok maybe I was not quite done. If you look closely, on the bottom left corner you can see some tenting, or buckling, of the borders. Yeah, I have a small issue. When I attached the borders, I must have sewn to adjust for the crooked cutting and made arches instead of straight lines. So instead of a nice quilt top that lies flat, I’ve got a nice quilt that buckles and won’t flatten out if I paid it to.

Buckling borders at the top

Damn it!

In a snit, I marched into my parents’ kitchen and laid it out on their large island (we call it the continent instead of island because it’s roughly the size of a small country) and asked for their ideas.

My dad, a non-quilter, suggested I cut straight down the center of the borders and allow them to adjust leaving me to stitch it together leaving a small seam on each end of the quilt. Not a bad idea, I thought. Then my mom, a quilter, suggested a few things like using a basting stitch then pulling the bottom thread to ease the extra puckering throughout the rest of the border.

Either way, I have work to do and a path to choose. I’m thinking I may remove the borders, trim the green border so that it’s straight and even, then reattach the borders. Sigh…I can’t get around it, I have some MAJOR rework to do to make this thing lay flat so I can put the layers together and start quilting.

The backing.

Even though I’m not ready to layer the quilt and start basting it together, I did take the time to go to Jo-Anns and pick out some backing and binding material for Jake. I gave him some choices and he liked this polka dot material for the backing.

Backing and Binding

This is the yellow we picked for the binding. Unfortunately, the colors of the quilt were hard to match. But in the end, I think the choices made were bright and cheerful which matches the theme of the quilt, even of the colors aren’t an exact match to the quilt top.

The three together

Aren’t they darling together? So happy and very much like Jake’s personality.

So while I figure out my plan of attack, we’re resting. It’s a beautiful day and we have nothing pressing to accomplish for the rest of the day. Already we’ve visited my parents’ house, folded the laundry, took some donations to Goodwill and visited a karate dojo for Jake and Jo-Anns for fabric.

I've brewed some sun tea

I think I’ve earned some sun brewed tea.

Sid the Science Kid

And Jake has earned a little screen time.

How he chooses to view that screen time…well that’s up to him. And today he seems to want to watch his show from inside an empty plastic bin.

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