Weekend Update: Lobster Time!

Another weekend over and another Monday upon us.

And once again, my weekend was a blur of activity and errands. So much was accomplished and so much was still left undone, per usual.

I did get some work done on Jake’s twin quilt. Sadly, I ran into a glitch. My borders have not gone on straight so it’s creating buckling and tenting. Bummer, I was so close to being done! But I did let Jake pick out the material for the backing and the binding of his quilt.

Backing and Binding

I’m hoping this gives me the incentive to finish up and move on so I can play with these beautiful bright colors and see if they tie the whole quilt together like I hope they will.

Along with a trip to the fabric store we also made a huge donation of clothes, toys and books to Goodwill and then made a few other stops. By lunchtime my son and I were beat. So we took a quiet time out to relax and do…well…nothing!

All that nothingness was awesome! To have no responsibilities or commitments for a whole day was delightful. Too bad I didn’t get any running in because I have a 10k in two weeks. My sister and I are running the Santa Monica Classic 10k and I’ve not lifted a finger in training. But I’m determined to make the next two weeks really count.

By Sunday morning, we were up and ready to go nice and early. The sun was out and the warm air greeted us as we stood at the finish line to cheer on The Guy’s mother as she finished The OC Half Marathon! It was such a rush standing out there watching for her, hoping for her and sharing in her day! After that we celebrated with pancakes and breakfast (oh how I LOVE breakfast) together and relived the feeling of finishing something so monumental.

Then it was Jake’s turn. Time for him to play soccer! He has one game left in this little spring series and he’s had a pretty good time of it. He’s picked flowers, done cartwheels, sat and picked at his cleats. You name it and he’s done it.

Soccer star!

He also scored a goal or two. But since there is no score kept, who is really counting? Not me…

Beckham in the making!

After roasting in the hot summer-like weather, we headed home for a dip in the pool. Too bad the darn thing isn’t heated yet so it was a bit chilly for my tastes. But we swam any way, switching between the little hot tub and the bigger, leaf strewn pool. It’s definitely the off season.

Without realizing it, I was getting burned. And pretty badly. The tops of my thighs were bright red and tender to the touch once I returned to our home and surveyed the damage. Ouch… Add to that the burn marks around my eyes from wearing sunglasses all day and I was a sight.

It would seem that in between the early morning at the race to sitting in the blistering noon sun during Jake’s game and then ending the sunny day at the pool, I had not applied enough sun block and now looked like the love child of a raccoon and a lobster. Double ouch.

We ended the evening with a little family dinner and some TV watching. Gotta love a relaxing evening watching TV with the ones you love, especially after a long day in the sun.

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