Side Stitches: Java Mug Rug

I am an avid Googler. Sometimes, that’s to my downfall as I find things I don’t EVER EVER EVER want to see again (for example The Human Centipede…yuck. I won’t even link to that movie). When I Google and find something I didn’t EVER want to know existed, I put myself in Google time-out.

No more Google for you!! says my conscience, The Google Nazi.

But, there is always a good side to everything. And in my case, my Google-fu can bring me lots of wonderful knowledge and great ideas. I’ve learned how to bind a quilt, I’ve found some great companies that sell natural and organic bath and body stuff, and my son and I Google all his big questions like “What makes a planet a planet?” and “What period did the Allosaurus live in?”

Google is also good for introducing you to new quilting projects you just HAVE to try.

As if I need another side stitches project, I decided to attempt my very first mug rug. What is that, you ask? Well check out this post about mug rugs on Two More Seconds.

A mug rug is technically a mini quilt complete with binding and batting. Small and quick to make, they are called mug rugs because they are bigger than a coaster yet smaller than a place mat and make a great parking place for your mug of hot joe in the morning and a muffin.

Of course, I’m Googling things to make and I’m subscribing to quilting sites left and right when I spot my first post about mug rugs. Initially, I thought they were mud rugs and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do with a mud rug. Then I received a pleasant email from a quilter saying I should try my hand at making my first “mug” rug for practice on binding and with that, I took to Google.

Oh what a trove of precious treasures I have found!! People LOVE these things! So of course I had to make one myself.


Front of the mug rug

Here is my very first mug rug attempt. Beautiful, no? I’m so pleased with this damn thing that I can’t wait to get home and start the next one. It came out to 8 inches x 8 inches. I wanted to try a binding of a different size so I cut my strips down to 2 inches instead of my previous 2.5 inch binding size. Man, that was a pain in my ass.

Though the slimmer binding looks great with this smaller project, my poor machine struggled to get through the multiple layers and the bunching in the corners because everything was so tight. While I like the look of the slimmer border, I may have to reconsider binding the next one in the same way.


Back of the mug rug

And not that I needed any excuse to buy more material for my stash, I went out and picked up some java themed fabrics from. Got a GREAT deal on eBay for the Moda Java fat quarts set and also bought a French cafe styled bundle to mix and match. And without realizing it, the Moda Full Circle set I already had for my fresh pears table runner mixes in, too! So I was able to use some of those scraps and leftovers in this mug rug.

This went so fast and smoothly I’ll be attempting more this week with different patterns and styles and fabrics. There is just so much versatility I just see endless possibilities. Also come back to view better pictures of the rugs themselves and also of the fabric I bought for this project.

2 thoughts on “Side Stitches: Java Mug Rug

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