Mother’s Day Java Mug Rugs!

My brain works in mysterious ways.

I tend to get great gift ideas. Like blow your socks off great ideas.

But I get these ideas late without much time to execute these great gift.

This year is no different. I had this fabulous idea to make mug rugs for the mothers in my life.

Of course this would require fabric, planning, cutting, sewing and time. And I had a week…

Sigh…The shipping alone on the fabric took three days so in the end I had four days to make four mug rugs.

But I did it! I stuck with my plan and made four adorable little gifts that each mother raved about! It felt so good to set out a goal, accomplish it and then see the results bring smiles to the faces of the receivers.

Mother's Day Gifts

I made one for The Guys mother, which I posted about earlier. That one I called The Espresso Mug Rug. It came out a square 8×8 and I was impressed with my first go-round.

Espresso Mug Rug

Cute no?

Mitered Corner of Espresso

I struggled a bit with the binding because I felt a full 2 1/2 strip folded down and sewn would be too bulky for such a small project. Well I didn’t take into consideration that my seam allowance would be the same if I didn’t adjust it. And of course, I didn’t so I had to do some trimming to get the binding to fold over properly.


The Cafe Windows Mug Rug

This one I lovingly called The Cafe Windows Mug Rug. I had a fat quarter with these adorable red/black/white squares that looks like little advertisements for different types of coffee drinks you’d buy in a cafe. I got the bright idea that I’d cut four of them out and frame them like little windows.

Cafe Windows

The left side

Not bad overall but I made a few mistakes planning it out. First, I didn’t add a top or bottom border because I wanted it to be more rectangular than square. Because I didn’t give myself an allowance around the squares, I ended up binding over the quilting. You can’t really tell unless you are a quilter and looking at it really closely.

Cup O Joe Mug Rug

This one is the Cuo O Joe Mug Rug. Now this one I both love and hate. I love the quilting on it. I decided to quilt just that inner rectangle. And to do that, I pulled the last stitch in between the layer and anchored it down with a seam across the top and bottom.

But the binding on this one, my oh my, what a pain in the ass. I can’t tell you exactly what I did wrong. All I know is that it’s a mess. I can see it because I know, I was there, but this could have been so much prettier had I taken more time to work out the binding.


Messy messy

I may attempt this one over again and see if I can make it neater.

Beans Mug Rug

Coffee Beans Mug Rug

This last one is my favorite of the bunch because it’s different. Again, the binding is atrocious (Look away all you excellent quilters…LOOK AWAY!!!) but the colors, the quilting and the design are just adorable.

Coffee Beans

So cute!

Yes…I have no words. This one is self explanatory.

In the end I could make a mug rug from start to finish in about 3 hours. At least the length of a full movie with a little added time before and after for prep and clean up.

Mother’s Day… a day to celebrate the women in your life. I happen to be blessed with a fabulous mom and two wonderful grandmothers. All of them have been such big impacts on my life that I was more than happy to make these little rugs. With all the sweat and tears that went into them, I knew it was nothing close to what they’ve gone through for me.

And to add to the happiness of the holiday, I got to spend some of it with a new woman in my life. Someone who knew me as a child and as a friend to her son. Now, we’re both adults and both mothers with a lot in common.

To these women and all the other women in the world in the role as mother (whether by giving birth, adopting or because it’s just your nature to nurture) Happy Mother’s Day everyday. Without all of you, we’d be savage little buggers living a Lord of the Flies kind of life.

We love you!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Java Mug Rugs!

  1. I love them! Especially the cafe windows one! (sooo cute and I love the name!). I am still in bed writing this and as if I needed a push in that direction, I am getting up to get a coffee. 🙂 thank you for the great pictures. Inspiring!!!

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