Weekend Update: May Gray

When people think of Southern California, a few things come to mind: beach, earthquakes, Disneyland and year-round warm, sunny weather.

What people don’t know is that we have two months each year, each with a nickname that proves otherwise to the myth of that year-round gorgeous weather.

May I present to you…May Gray and June Gloom. Yes…there you have it, the cat is out of the bag. Rarely does a year go by when we aren’t plagued with nasty chilly weather and that overhanging cloudiness till July rolls around and we are bombarded with heat and sunburns.

It’s the truth and May Gray decided to pop it’s head out and wreck the weekend.

Saturday was a blur of visiting with family and friends and preparing for my first 10k, The Santa Monica Classic. Under a cloudy sky and chilly breezes that would not have indicated that it is springtime, we ran our errands and kept to our chores.

My poor energetic child was dying of the boredom. He needs a lot of outside time to be a happy camper. And with the prep work and the weather, we just didn’t get out enough.

To bed early we went and up early we rose to find…more bad weather? Not just bad weather but rain. And our trek out to the start line for our race was plagued with intermittent downpours. By the time we got there, my sister was certain she couldn’t run in that weather, not with the cold she was fighting to get over.

Begrudgingly we turned around and headed back. The rest of the weekend was uneventful, to say the least.

I did no quilting but I did clean up my work space a little. I’m trying to get it organized so I can get back in there and start work again on Jake’s twin quilt.

We did have time to play and learn a few things, like how to make a movie. Yes, my smarty pants son figured out how to record video using my PowerShot Canon. I’ll have to post some of his “work”.

He did get into my fabric stash and pick a strip of material he felt worked for his superhero needs.

Caped Crusader?

It was pinned onto his shirt the whole day and he ran about saving this and that.

Saving the day!

Yes…this was my exciting weekend. I wish I could say I was relaxed and full of energy after such a low-key weekend but I’m dragging a bit today and I’m hoping for a kick in the pants to wake up!

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