Weekend Update: Artsy Fartsy Time!

Once again it is Tuesday and I’m a day behind on my update for this past weekend.

It was a great weekend full of friends, fun and a whole new experience for both Jacob and me.

Saturday was pretty low key. Jake got to spend much of the day playing with friends, swimming and running around in his pajamas. I interviewed a new sitter, sat around being lazy and did a killer workout before I headed out that night for a birthday shindig.

Then on Sunday we braved the LA traffic and got ourselves signed up with the LACMA and their great children’s program, Nexgen. We spent our WHOLE day walking around the galleries checking out beautiful artwork from classic artists all the way to the newer more modern stuff.

Henri Matisse and Jake

I tend to lean towards the Impressionist so I found myself lagging behind Jake’s quick steps as we made our way past Picassos and this beautiful Matisse.

I must say, the exhibit The Mourners was surprisingly simple yet wonderful. We enjoyed checking out each little figurine and the video shown that explains the tools of statue carving.


A Mammoth and Jake!

My poor little man was not as in love with the art gallery as his artsy fartsy mama but lucky for him  the La Brea Tar Pits museum was open. He’s currently decided to be a paleontologist so bones and excavating and dirt and digging is all he likes to read about.

The great thing about it was the free Family Sunday at LACMA we got to participate in. This past month was Furniture: Build it! Around the museum they set up booths where kids can come and make art work based on the theme. Jake made a stool and some miniature furniture, all of which are still in my car.

So great was our experience that after our trip to LA, we made a stop at the local kids library yesterday and picked up two books on Matisse and Van Gogh. Now I’m hungry for art and reading about it and studying it. It had been years since my regular visits to The Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I had completely forgotten how it felt to view artwork, study it, soak it in and then leave with the taste of it on your tongue. That creative vibe flowing through your veins.

I’m hoping a little of my enthusiasm wore off on my son. I can only hope to have a little artist friend to share my love of fine art with.

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