Weekend Update: Memorial Day!!

What a weekend! It was fun, busy and full of proud moments.

I have a list of things I want to accomplish this year. Not quite a list of resolutions because if I don’t complete them this year, they roll over into next year and I continue to work on them. But throughout the year I have check points in which I re-post my list with updates and see where I am.

One of those goals is to continue improving in the kitchen. Last year I made it a goal to cook more and become more efficient in the kitchen. I had a major hate for all things cooking but knew I would be better for it if I learned to cook. Well, I did just that and found myself not such a bad chef.

This year I decided to expand my abilities by taking courses on cooking and knife skills to even further my skills. And I did just that! I took my first class, a course in essential knife skills my my dad and my sister. It was a perfect daddy daughter day and I think we all enjoyed it.

My little racer!

The best moment in all the moments this weekend was watching my son cross the finish line of his first race. He ran a 1k (1/2 mile) along with 70 other runners between the ages 4 and 12. He placed 16th overall and 9th in his age!!

It was an amazing feeling to see him so naturally take off and run ahead without feeling winded or tired. And once he crossed the finished line (4:51 minutes later!) he got his first medal! When he was in our arms for his congratulatory hugs and high fives, his first words were “Can I go in the bounce house now?”

That’s my boy!!

Other than that, we relaxed and went swimming and barbequed and visited with family. It was an odd weathered weekend with some chilly spots and lots of wind. Luckily the sun decided to come out for us on Monday and made the day beautiful!

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