Weekend Update: Blah to the Blah!

This weekend was, well, a nothing weekend. We did…well…nothing.

Ok not really nothing but it was a pretty mild weekend, which to be honest, was nice. We’re usually so GO GO GO that it was a peaceful break in the routine to take it slow and be spontaneous.

On Saturday, we were looking forward to the little man’s first swim lesson only to be disappointed with an “accident” that closed the pool. Because of the closure the lesson was canceled and we were told to reschedule the set of lessons for another month.

Excuse me!? I was bummed because our summer is pretty tightly scheduled and picking another month to do his lessons would put him out till August. He won’t be around the end of June or the beginning of July due to a visit up north. Sigh… I wish they had a back up plan for incidences like this.

Now we’re looking into other swim lesson options.

Also on Saturday I was involved in a two hour Zumbathon! If you like to dance and workout, Zumba is a great option. I love it and even after two hours worth of dancing till I was dead tired and had burned over 1700 calories, I’m still in love with it. Can’t wait till my next class!

Then Sunday was completely open and we filled it with not a whole lot of exciting stuff.

Fun, no?

So my update isn’t all that big of a deal this week but I will say I have the itch to sew tonight so I’m planning on a nice night home with the kidlet to do some gardening and some mug rug making. The end of the school year is but 2 weeks away and as a gift to his teachers I’m planning on making some simple mug rugs. Jake has two teachers plus a host of other helpers around campus so I’m thinking simple yet cute mug rugs would be great gifts.

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