Side Stitches: Teachers’ Mug Rug Gifts

I love charm packs!

I could buy nothing but charm packs and be completely happy. They come coordinated, organized and pre-cut. What’s not to like?

The other day I got the grand idea to make my son’s teachers and staff at school an end of year gift: Mug Rugs! They went over so well at Mother’s Day that I figured it was a simple and quick gift I could make that would be perfect for saying thank you for a great year.

I went to my stash to see what I had and felt that nothing really fit that summer-y, end of the school year, I’m-a-teacher feeling. So I went online and starting tinkering.

In my search I found two adorable and beautiful packs: Moda Lollipop and Moda Grand Finale. When we opened them up, I almost fell over at the cute of Lollipop and loved the richness of Grand Finale. Jake was thrilled too and together we pulled the packs apart to see what we had to work with.

Moda Lollipop Charm Pack

Lollipop is a sweet set with bright colors, fanciful patterns and lots of cheerfulness and fun combinations. I liked this one best.

Moda Grand Finale Charm Pack

Jake, on the other hand, loved working with Grand Finale, which was a shock to me. I was expecting the playful colors of Lollipop to draw him in but no, he worked solely with Grand Finale and I let him. These were for his teachers, anyway.

Two of Jake's color combos....not a bad start

As apart of the project, I let Jake pick the color combos. I had him pick three colors, telling him to keep it simple with two patterns and one solid. Took him a bit at first to get the hang of picking a solid that was found in one of the patterned swatches. His first picks were not too bad.

Getting better at it....

Then he started getting the hang of it. While I was apart of the process, Jake did most of the color choosing. As you can tell, he worked in the Grand Finale pack primarily and every once in a while I’d get my hand in and stick a swatch of Lollipop in there.

Hey, I think he's got it!

His last set was my favorite (and probably because he used all Lollipop colors). I was so impressed with his choices that by the end, I felt there was no reason to tweak anything he put together.

My plan for now? To cut one pattern and one solid square into four squares and sew them together, alternating like a pinwheel. Then I’ll use the last pattern swatch and use it in it’s entirety. No cutting that one.

This it the rough drawing of what the mug rugs will be. A solid on one side and a small pattern cut from two swatch on the other side. Simple. Minimal cutting and sewing. Yet classy and a nice gift to give.

3 thoughts on “Side Stitches: Teachers’ Mug Rug Gifts

  1. LOVE that you let Jake participate so fully! He has a great eye for pattern and color — and I am guessing you can add that to YOUR teaching skills! Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • You know, when we started I had in mind that I would have to do most of the color picking. But he really did a great job and I just sat back and let him do as he saw fit. I’m really excited to make these and see how his colors come together 🙂

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