Bad Quilting, Bad!

This is a real post. A post without a finished product, perfectly pressed seams or beautiful situated fabrics to show off their color and lines.

There are no quilts rolled majestically to display the way the color combinations work so well together like a dance performed beautifully.

The lighting isn’t perfect and the background wasn’t picked for its contrasting colors to better display the subject.

This is a real post.

A post of mistakes. Of unfinished business. Of a good idea gone bad.

I had the great idea to create little mug rugs as a last day of school gift to Jake’s teachers.

I even blogged about my idea.

But not every idea is meant to be completed.

What started out as a fun project for Jake turned into a nightmare.

First, they turned out too small.

But I thought to myself, hey! These will be mini mug rugs, kinda like a double coaster. How cute!


Instead that made my life hell. I quilted it together and I could see that I was going to have a problem.

And since I wasn’t thinking this through all the way, I just cut my binding at the standard 2 1/2 inch width. Sigh…

Yeah that didn’t work. Why I didn’t cut it smaller, more like 2 inches, I will never know. But the binding was just too big for something so small.

All that extra material for such a small project made it buckle and ripple and just look awful.

So, I’ve decided to set it aside and get his teachers flowers for tomorrow.

And chalk this up as experience.


2 thoughts on “Bad Quilting, Bad!

    • Hahaha, no worries. I’m sad to say I’ve been lurking your blog too. So I am there, reading. And thanks for the link to the process pledge. This post was actually inspired by your post which talked about this. When I read your post I thought it was a great idea to share the not-so-perfect moments in quilting. And right now, I seem to be having more of those than good ones 😦

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