Side Stitches: ReFashionista No-Sew Skirt

On Friday while I was whittling away my time before the end of the work day, I was directed to a blog called ReFashionista. Within a few posts, I was hooked! I couldn’t stop reading along with the adventures of this young, creative woman and her journey to recreate fashion one piece at a time.

Her bravery to chop and take-in clothing to not only improve but to fit her own personal style was really addicting to read about. So addicting I decided to take it a step further and try my hand at refashioning some of my own clothing.

This dress has a past. I bought it at a Gap outlet some years ago. I loved the layering and the gradient change in color from a light pinkish off-white to a deep magenta.

What I didn’t pay attention to was the straps. The damn things were twisted and torn. So I decided I couldn’t let a good piece go unused and attached some elastic straps to make due. Sadly, the tank-top had very little to attach new straps to (as this picture so badly demonstrates). It made the dress look like I had done a half-assed attempt to poorly fix something.

Bad straps, bad!

But wore it I did. Loved the flow of this dress and the fact that it was casual enough for a day by the pool but dressy enough that with a sweater and jewelry, I could wear it out to dinner on a date night.

Pre-cut dress

But after awhile I just hated those straps and my bad attempt at fixing them. So away went the dress.

That was until I read the ReFashionista blog and realized this dress had potential as a skirt! A nice longish flowy one! And I’m all about simple pieces I can slip into and top with a solid shirt or tank-top.

Snip, snip.

I had a little time in between my race Saturday morning and a playdate for my son to make some quick changes to this dress so that I could wear it out and about. With my sewing shears, I snipped away the top right at the elastic that made up the empire waist line.

All done cutting!

I left a smidge of material right along the elastic so that nothing would fray. I literally had minutes to do this so I consider this project only half way done. My intention is to come back and adjust the size and add a proper elastic waistband.

And voila! A skirt was born! Not too shabby for a simple snip! No more horrid straps and now I can wear it around with whatever color top I choose. Again, it’s not complete, I wanna go back and adjust the size. It’s a bit baggy on me and I don’t plan to get bigger so I bet the size will become an issue the more I run.

And with the addition of a proper waistband, I’ll lose a little length which doesn’t bother me. I kinda like the length on this one.

My first attempt at taking something I already own and repurposing it into something new to wear was successful. And by successful I mean that not only could I wear it out and about comfortably but I got compliments on it left and right. And I couldn’t help but blurt out that it was once a dress! Ha! Take that!


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