Feeling The Itch To Stitch

Life goes in cycles. You go through a phase and then something else comes up and you latch onto that. Around and around you go, sometimes back to the things you once enjoyed or something new catches your eyes.

Lately, my life cycle has been focused on my family. They’ve come first in a multitude of ways. From my cooking and meal planning to how our workout schedules are arranged. Even my running has become mostly about pleasing my family rather than running to enjoy it for myself. While I enjoy running and I know in the end it’s a healthy option for me to keep me fit, I was really doing it mostly for others.

As I made these realizations, how so much of my life has become more about others than myself, I decided it was time to do a little more for me. What does that end up meaning? Well, it means taking a little of my energy and making time to do things I enjoy for me. It means taking back running to be something fun and enjoyable for myself. It also means picking up where I’ve left off on a number of projects and finishing them.

Like this quilt. This thing needs to be finished! With all it’s uneven edges and it’s screwy lines (I mean look at that bottom row…ugh), it’s been a work in progress for years. And literally, I mean years! I started sewing the layers together in 2012!! That’s already been 2 years just for the layering alone.

44281141-CE07-409F-8DDB-70F14E071ACE-14201-000004C76C263676 photo 44281141-CE07-409F-8DDB-70F14E071ACE-14201-000004C76C263676-1.jpg
We’ve had all the material to finish this quilt for a long time and I think I need to just sit and get it done. But I tend to encounter a problem. It’s draining to think of the mess I’m about to create when I start working on a quilt. All the scraps and string and pieces everywhere. It’s overwhelming. And it doesn’t help that I don’t have a dedicated sewing space that is only mine. My sewing corner is also our master bedroom so laundry and other bits are sharing that space.

Backing and Binding

Backing and Binding

All the material and pieces are assembled and ready to be used. The binding still needs to be made (ugh) and the top has about 8 more squares to be sewn down. It all seems so overwhelming but there is a part of me that desperately wants this finished so I can mark it off my list of unfinished big projects because the moment I do, I can start something fresh.

If I really want to take some time for myself and make it so that I have a creative outlet for just me, it seems that I just have to buckle down, carve out the space I need, and get to it! Make a date with myself to sit and enjoy the peaceful hum of my sewing machine. The only thing holding me back would seem to be needing the space my sewing area is in to be clean and tidy before starting, and that is not something I’m looking forward to. Who wants to clean their room BEFORE they play in it and make a mess? It seems silly but it looks to be the only way I’ll get in there and get this quilt done.


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