Fourth Quilt: Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt

A lot can happen in three years. In three years you can meet someone, get engaged and get married. In three years your son can grow out of all his things and donate his baby toys for bigger more menacing toys.

In three years, a quilt meant for a little guy who loved his teddy bear can be finished only to find that bear is no longer with us and that baby boy is now a kid who out grew the quilt before it was finished.

Taking on Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt, a quilt to match one made for his buddy the teddy bear, I had the best of intentions. In my mind, it played out like this: Jake and his bear would picnic together in his room, playing on their quilts and then at bedtime he would slip into sleep under his blanket with bear safety tucking into his next to him.

Little man!

Little man!

I started Jake’s quilt in April of 2011 when Jake was 5 and still a sweet little boy. He loved his bear and wanted a quilt to match the one I made his bear. Thus started his twin quilt.

Then life hit and time marched on while the quilt sat unfinished. Kindergarten rolled by and soon he was no longer into bear. His tastes had changed and he had grown. He was now into Transformers and Marvel comic books. He could read on his own (sorta) and loved playing soccer.

Life, it seems, had caught up to me and passed me by.

My young man!

My young man!

Jake will always be my baby but I didn’t realize how much he had grown until I finished his quilt.

Last weekend I sat down and kicked it into high gear. I had encountered a snafu with the binding but I was determined to finish the damn thing by Sunday. Well, I must have been really ready to finish because I got it done on Friday night.

IMG_1180 I sat down after work and undid all the binding then went straight to sewing the RIGHT sides together. After I was done, I had a beautiful pile of golden binding to work with. I felt like the Queen made to spin gold. It was a lovely sight.

IMG_1181 Ahhhhh! Much better!!!!

After all the sewing was done, I pressed the seams then pressed the binding in half. I had a good rhythm using my clear cutting ruler to store it while I moved a long and pressed everything.

IMG_1182 IMG_1183

In the end I had more binding than necessary but that’s definitely not a bad thing. I will find something to use this for!

IMG_1184It was now time to wrap this project up. I sat down and placed the binding bundle in my lap. I was surprised how easily it came together to attached the binding to the back. Just like getting back on a bike. You never fully forget how to ride! I did keep the video on binding handy just to refresh my memory.


After getting around the back, I turned it over and pressed the binding from back to front. Now I was ready to lay on the final stitching. That’s when I ran into some issues. Could have been because I was tired. Could also have been because I was in the mood to finish so I was rushing a bit. But the binding just wasn’t catching on the front as I stitched in the ditch. Ugh… So many seams I had to rip out because I had areas on the front where the binding didn’t catch. There were pockets all along the front and ugly stitching lines just dithering about. Even with these small set backs, I pushed through and finished!!

The next day I happily presented the finished quilt to my son whose first reaction was “Cool!” quickly followed by “But mom, it seems a bit small.” And he was right! Because I started this damn quilt over 3 years ago when he was a wee little man, it was fine then. But I ran into issues with adding borders and then it just got put aside for way too long. In the end, he outgrew the quilt before it got finished! Oh man…

My son is a great kid and still appreciated that he had his own quilt. It may be a bit small and the pattern may be a bit young for him now (my husband mentioned this and then asked “Can you find Marvel fabric? Maybe you can make him a comic book quilt next”) but he still loved it and was super thrilled to have it.

IMG_1191 IMG_1190

Front and back. And to think, this quilt was just his size when I started! How time flies!


One of the better mitered corners.


When I finish up a quilt, I always try to find something I’ve learned from it. This one taught me to finish what I start and to finish it within a reasonable time. Waiting too long can run you into problems. Also, I need to get out of my comfort zone and work with a bigger finished product. I’ve been sticking to these smaller quilt sizes out of some unknown fear. But I’m making a promise to myself to work bigger: more squares, added borders, you name it, I’m going there! No more piddly little quilts.


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