WIP: The Zig Zag Whatever It Shall Become

Have you ever started a project without a plan in mind and just let it go where it wanted to go?

Not long ago, my son and I picked up some half priced bundles of brightly colored zig zag fabric. My son has a real eye for color and he’s draw to the primaries. Originally this stuff was meant for a mug rug for a teacher but we ended up making her a baggie for all her teacher goodies. As we wrapped up that project, I was left with a pile of this vibrant fabric just waiting to be used. So, I began teaching my son how to sew using the colors he picked himself!


His first attempt came out great! Then I moved onto to other projects and this team effort got put aside.

After finishing a quilt I had been working on for years, I sat down to take a look at all the projects I wanted to start, continue with, or finish. I’m very ADD when it comes to sewing. I always have a project or two in mind along with a few I’m in the progress with. That’s when all those bright colors caught my eye and I thought it would be great for the two of us to get working on whatever this project turned out to be. My kidlet got into a spot of trouble this past week so all video games were off limits and he had a lot of free time on his hands. He saw me working in the sewing room and asked if he could sew too.


And we did! He sat down with me and helped sew together a few strips. I guided the fabric through the machine as he was my “peddle pusher”. He worked on his pressure and watched how he could manage a slower stitch or a faster one just with a simple press of the peddle. There was no method to our madness but we had a good time picking up and stitching them together in any combination we grabbed.


Then we got down on the cutting board and worked on cutting more strips of his zig zag fabric. Unfortunately, my little lefty really struggles with the rotary cutter. He was really having a hard time putting enough pressure down to cut through the fabric while rolling it forward in a straight line. He got so frustrated that one of his attempts skipped over the clear ruler and nicked my thumb. Nothing bad but enough for me to call a time out and to take over the cutting.


After that we pressed the seams and I showed him how to iron it flat. We played with pressing the seams to one side versus pressing the seams open. It takes a bit more time but I found that my pieces laid flatter when I pressed the seams open. He got a kick out of using the iron but wasn’t too careful with it. I could tell he was nervous about getting burned even though I was there with him, guiding him. So I took over the ironing, too. We decided his job would be to sew the straight lines.

So, I have NO idea what this will be. I’m figuring it will be a blanket of some sort but it’s going to come about organically and based on both my ideas and my son’s. We have enough material to make a good sized blanket if we wish but with my son being only 8 and with a kid’s attention span and with me being all over the place with projects, it could turn out to be a pillow or two, some mug rugs, or maybe a table runner. Who knows!? The ideas are endless and I’m kind of excited to see where it goes!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpgSew Fresh Quilts

8 thoughts on “WIP: The Zig Zag Whatever It Shall Become

  1. How great that you two got to spend some time together in the sewing room! My son had also started a quilt a while back. It is sitting in a shoe box now. Hope we will get a chance to finish it one day. Love the bright chevron fabric your son chose. This is going to be a beautiful whatever!

    • Thanks Lorna! We started back in June so it’s been sitting for a while, too. Sometimes it’s hard to get the time together to just sit and work on it. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be!

  2. It looks great, there are so many options for strips. My daughter (12 year old )is sewing together a Jelly roll right now, and my post today was all about a batik jelly roll I’m working on the become a chevron like pattern. Good luck with your decision on how to sew yours together

    • Thanks. I have some patience but I’ve gone ahead and done most of the work myself because he’s either too busy or not interested half of the time. But I’m totally open to him joining when he wants to. I won’t turn him away when he’s ready to sew but I’m not waiting on him either 🙂

  3. Fun Fabrics, great way to have time with your son.

    By the way you are the winner of my pattern giveaway over at Lovelea Designs. I have no other way to contact you because you are a no reply blogger and your e-mail address is nowhere to be found on your blog. Please shoot me an e-mail and I will send you a copy of the pattern.

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