Just Starting: The Peaceful Planet Quilt

I’m a sucker for greens and blues. There is something about the combo that brings to mind earth and nature and peacefulness.

After searching through a few boxes of unknown fabric stored away in my closet, I found these adorable jelly rolls called Peaceful Planet.


Without having seen the tag, I could have guessed that name in a heart beat! The theme is very calm with some dark blue fabric sporting a nature theme with animals, the earth, some peace signs and plants. The mid-toned and lighter strips have these soft swirling designs, very circular. It has this dreamy, peaceful sense about it which is making me slow down and put this quilt together in a way that goes against my brash, overeager tendencies.
IMG_1205 IMG_1200

When I quilt, I tend to skip steps, rush through areas I don’t like (hello, pressing and cutting!!), and I rarely do things in a orderly fashion. This all leads me to getting frustrated, losing focus, then I end up losing interest which ends up getting my projects pushed to the side where they languish for months and months.

For some reason, this pack is so soothing and calming that I’m finding myself slowing down and taking the time to do things right, a trait I’m lacking in. I plan to sew together all the strips in pairs and then move onto pressing all the seams then combine the pairs. Step by step without skipping forward! Usually, by now, I’m chomping at the bit to jump ahead, combine the sets and then cut my squares. Not this time! This time around I’m taking a cue from the name of this jelly roll and peacefully working on one step at a time.

It could also be that I plan to gift this quilt and I have about two weeks to get it finished so I want things done right the first time and pacing myself will give me better results. Also, I don’t want to burn out! I’ve been enjoying this round of quilting and blogging about it but, per my usual hobby lifespans, I get REALLY REALLY into something and obsess about it till I soak it all up and pass out from too much of a good thing. It’s all or nothing for me and this means projects get left behind for years after I lose interest. Not this time. This time I’m pacing myself, sewing here or there (no marathon sewing sessions) and I’m making time for my other hobbies like reading and writing and running. A little bit of time of each every day.

Hopefully this will mean that this quilt will be finished on time and with less mistakes and it won’t be a one and done situation. I don’t want to finish this thing and stop quilting out of disinterest.

IMG_1202 IMG_1199

Luckily, there is some yellow in these strips that works well with the yellows binding I made for my son’s quilt so I can use that. Saves me a little time when it comes time to bind it. Hopefully I will have enough!

IMG_1235 IMG_1234

After sewing together the strips into pairs, I spent all day Saturday pressing the seams of every project I had going. I got about 90% of these strips done and was able to lay them out in a pattern to see how I wanted this quilt to go.


So far, I think this is how it will look best. A strip quilt with a border to make it a bit wider. Simple yet effective!


I also kicked around some thoughts about the back of the quilt. I have this deep blue galaxy material I threw next to it and the yellow binding I have already made. The blue definitely works with the deep blue in that one strip but I can’t tell if the gold flecks will clash with that bright yellow binding or if it will come together and tie everything in. For now, it’s just a thought.

Come back for updates on the progress of this, my fifth quilt!
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8 thoughts on “Just Starting: The Peaceful Planet Quilt

  1. I totally get your thoughts on rushing through things and then getting frustrated. A conscious effort to slow down and focus on the process will make for a better experience and most likely, it will show in the quilt. I struggle with this all the time. Love the fabrics you are using!!

    • Yeah this seems to be a common thread (har har) in most of my sewing projects. Had an issue last night with something I rushed through and now it’s not coming together as planned. Oh well, lesson learned and now I can use it as I go forward 🙂

  2. I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my disaster post, but you area no-reply blogger, so I hope you don’t mind me thanking you here! 🙂 Very cute fabric. I think that the border and binding you’re testing go together well. One good thing to remember is that you only see about a quarter inch of the binding when it’s all done!

    • Oh no worries. I don’t mind at all! I do hope your squares can be fixed, I know how frustrating it is to put time and effort into something for it to get ruined 😦 Thanks for stopping by and leaving the reminder about the binding. It is a much smaller part of the whole project so I think it will work well!

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