Fifth Quilt: The Peaceful Planet

On August 12th I started the Peaceful Planet Quilt with the intention of giving it as a gift to my niece for her birthday. She was to visit from Washington as a birthday gift from her mom and my plan was to have it done by then.

Everything came together pretty smoothly. I used a simple jelly-roll to sew together all the strips and made a long quilt top with simple borders and a yellow binding. The colors were all green and blue and soft with a very serene nature theme to it.


I ALMOST made my goal! I was super close to finishing it when she arrived for her visit, then I hit a snag. I was using a needle that wasn’t conducive to sewing through so many layers. This was something I had no clue about! But Lisa over at Lisa in Port Hope popped by and left me a wonderful comment and a link to give me some insight into needles. I had NO CLUE about needle size and the different types! Talk about learning something new everyday, this was news to me.

I ended up finishing my quilt binding with whatever needle I had left and just took it slow to make sure I didn’t snap this one because I have no others left. And you can bet your sweet tushies that I’ll be buying new ones but this time with more information and knowledge about the types of needles I need!


This quilt got finished up pretty late in the evening but I can’t express how happy I was to have it done and in record time! This one was finished in 3 weeks, rather than 3 months. Or even 3 years! I tend to let projects languish and hang around while I move onto other things. Because this blanket was meant as a gift and I’ve been on a kick with the finishing of things, I really had the spark to get things done.


I’m super excited to send this gift up to Spokane to my sweet niece who got to see the almost finished project and loved it even then. It couldn’t go to a more loving and sweet girl! And I told her, when things get tough, she can wrap herself up in it and think peaceful thoughts and remember her trip to California!


 photo 6AD1B294-5D04-4589-9964-41A70F12E088_zpsfoazyai0.jpg

The finished product!

 photo F20C3EA2-7557-49DB-9FE2-73D25D8A7709_zpsm0y7usno.jpg
Ok so now to think over this whole process and find a few good points and some learning points.

The good:

  • Sticking with a project from beginning to completion and finishing in record time.
  • The quilt top itself is beautiful and the colors are well organized.
  • Love the color combination of the light blues and greens bordered by the darker star fabric and bound with the clean yellow.
  • The forethought of making extra binding which saved me time.
  • Sticking with a simple top and not trying to get all fancy.
  • Taking my time, not rushing through the steps, and not jumping ahead.
  • PRESSING! I really did make it a point to press the seams opens and to take the time to press in between steps.

The Bad:

  • Basting. I need to improve this area because I rush through it and then things get all wonky.
  • Measuring. I still skip this step in places and that caused some unsightly issues with the back of the quilt.
  • Using the correct needle size! This is new to me and now that I have some stuff to read about it, I’m going to bone up and learn how to choose my needles.
  • Alignment. Instead of aligning the strips from the center and then squaring things off, I lined up one side and the whole thing kinda went crooked. If I had lined up the strips from the centers and pieced them together, I think I would have had a straight top.
  • Quilting. I didn’t do enough to anchor the layers together. Next time I’ll make more of a effort to tie down or quilt the top better.
  • Binding. This is still an issue for me. It’s so 50/50. Sometimes it goes well and I adore my mitered corners, and other times I suck at it. This time? It sucked!

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9 thoughts on “Fifth Quilt: The Peaceful Planet

  1. Yay, great job finishing your gift quilt! It sure looks long enough to cover her feet — I love being able to tuck the bottoms of quilts under my feet to keep out the draft. 🙂

  2. There’s nothing like a deadline to get me moving too! I love your fabrics and colours, they look great together, I’m sure this is a gift that will be treasured. As for mitred corners – mine are always really iffy too. But an extremely experienced quilter in my local quilt shop once told me that traditionally quilt binding was always done with square corners rather than mitred corners, she reckoned this was the ‘proper’ way to bind. So unless the design really calls for mitred corners (not often with my designs!), I stick to just squared corners, so much easier, I like the look of them just as much if not better, and I feel no guilt because I’m doing it the ‘proper’ way!

    • Ooooh I’ll have to check out squared corners. I’ve never heard of this method. I do like mitered corners and how they look but they can be a real pain! Thanks for popping by!!

  3. You finished and that’s pretty important! I have experienced all those issues too… I don’t know if you have tried this already but one thing that helped me with basting (and thus quilting) is using a basting spray instead of pins. It’s fast and it gets the job done! 505 and Sullivan’s Original are two that I’ve used. If I have a choice I always go with Sullivans – never had a problem. My 505 spray can always breaks leaving a lot of spray in the can which is a waste. I’m with you on the 50/50 binding… I make mine a little larger than some folks at 2 3/4 inches wide before folding in half which makes it easier for me to work with and still looks nice. Cluck Cluck Sew has an awesome machine binding tutorial if you like that kind of thing… Best, Heather

    • Thanks Heather! Funny you mention the basting spray. I bought a spray and didn’t read the label close enough because in the end, when I was ready to use it and all excited, I looked at it and found it was a spray for applique! D’oh! Something I’ll definitely keep for the future but not quite what I wanted. Next time I’ll read the label closer!!!

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