TGIFF: Old Yeller

12 years ago I bought a fat quarter set. It was bright, obnoxious and I had NO clue what to do with it.

12 years ago I brought home this fat quarter set and decided to make something with it. Using a book, I sewed and cut and pieced and made a few squares of mismatched colors.

It was a mess. But I loved it anyway.

Then, I put it away with all my quilting things and forgot about it.

That was 12 years ago. And last night, I officially finished it.

This little project was probably my longest lasting UFO (unfinished object) and I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started it. Most of the blocks are crooked or wrongly pieced together. Even so, it’s got a sweet spot in my heart as my first attempt to piece a quilt together.

To me it’s beautiful and bright. It signifies for me my humble beginnings and also shows me where I need to improve and also how far I’ve come. It’s small so it’s not going on a bed nor will it be used as a blanket but I hope to hang it from my wall as a simple reminder of what I can do.

Now for pictures. I realized that I wanted this one done SO BAD that I didn’t take the time to really slow down and do things right. My binding is atrocious! So look away!


My big take away from this whole process is I need to learn how to bind. I mean, I know how to do it, but I think I need to learn over again. I’m not doing a good job of it and I could definitely use some tips and improvement there. In the past I’ve been proud of my mitered corners but I won’t be flaunting them today. They are just awful and I’m not sure what I did wrong but it’s definitely something I acknowledge as a weakness in my sewing and something that needs to be improved.

Yikes! As you can see, some MAJOR improvement is needed in the binding department. It’s very inconsistent and that bugs me… A LOT!

Even with all it’s flaws I still love it. It’s been nicknamed the Old Yeller project because it’s a hot mess and should have been put down instead of completed, or at least that’s what my husband thinks! He saw this “thing” while I was finishing it up last week and after I had pointed out all my mistakes, he asked me why I was still working on it. When I explained that I just needed to finish it he said to me that not everything needs to be completed. Some things I can “old yeller” and put down. HAHA! What a ham…

Here is my little man all ready for school this morning. He did his own hair and dressed himself all nice with a collared shirt because he’s getting an award. We don’t know for what so I’m excited to see what he receives today.

He very nicely modeled my finished project before taking off.

I adore that black and rainbow polka dotted fabric. I may need to do a whole project focused around just that.

Well I’m off to take a shower and get ready for the award ceremony. Here on the west coast it’s only 9:00am and I’ve walked the monster man to school, went on a 3.5 mile run and now this post is wrapping up. Feeling pretty accomplished so far!

After the awards ceremony, I’m heading over to my mom’s house to visit, make some body butter and also to record our very first crafty podcast. We don’t have a title yet but we’re hoping to create a reoccurring podcast about hobbies and crafts that I can post here!

6 thoughts on “TGIFF: Old Yeller

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  3. I am not good at binding by machine. But lately I read on someone’s blog that they actually glue baste the second side down before sewing it. (She sewd down the first side of the binding, then folded the binding over, glued and ironed it in place, then sewed it down.) Although it sounds a bit tedious, I have done glue basting on other projects and it really sticks (but washes out when laundered.) If I do machine binding again I think I’ll try it and hope that the binding will stay in place.

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