Hobbies Up To Here: Episode #2

Hey there listeners!

Here we are again with the Hobbies Up To Here podcast.


We had some technical difficulties while recording this podcast the first time so I’m thrilled to be posting this now!

This week we chat about quilting! A hobby we both enjoy and could have talked about ALL DAY had we let ourselves.

Below are the books we mention in the podcast. Lots of different styles and techniques in our little collection.


My mom’s future project. She really has her eye on making a bargello quilt.


Ahhhh how I remember these books fondly from my childhood.


Here is the book my mom was originally inspired to use to make her first big quilts. This is my sister, circa 1986, displaying my mom’s finished project in all its glory. Her blood, sweat, and tears literally went into this finished product. I hate to see something so dear to me fade away but this quilt is on its last legs, I’m afraid.

1986 or 1987

1986 or 1987


My first foray into quilting with a pattern started with this book. I’m determined to make one correctly using this pattern as a way to see my improvement because I know I’ve come a long way but I’d like to see it in the form of a finished project!

For now  have my eye firmly set on learning how to use the QAYG (quilt as you go) method in the future.

We hope you come back again and share with us your current projects!

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