WIP: The Christmas Sampler

Ahhhh Christmas!  If I had my choice, I’d leave my three Christmas trees up all year round.  In 1986, I made a Trip Around The World Christmas tie quilt as a raffle prize for my ten year high school reunion.  However,  making a hand pieced and quilted Christmas themed quilt for ME has always been on my bucket list!

A few years ago, I took a wonderful quilting class at a local shop.  Unfortunately, the shop longer exists, but I still have all my instructions and templates.  I was especially interested in hand piecing my squares.  I loved the challenge of keeping my stitches uniform and strong.  I put together a few sample squares, and then got sidetracked by a very busy life.  Recently, I became reacquainted with my Christmas quilting project, and am excited to complete it.  I have both hand pieced and machine pieced squares in the bunch.


Log Cabin Square-I love using a red square in the center, representing the “heart” of the home.

On top, Flying Geese, then Patience Corner, Rail Fence, and the Log Cabin square.

Such beautiful, rich and lovely fabrics!


Jacob’s Ladder

Flying Geese

My hand stitching…I’m happy with the results, though I can ALWAYS improve!

Rail Fence


Patience Corner

 Taking the completed piecework I already have, I’m going to see if I have enough for a table runner, or maybe individual placemats with coordinating fabric.  If not, oh darn, I’ll have to complete more sampler squares!  My first task will be choosing either the QAYG technique, or piecing together the squares then quilting the entire piece.  Either way, I’m excited to get going!

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5 thoughts on “WIP: The Christmas Sampler

  1. I have not hand pieced blocks before. I have several blocks that my grandmother hand pieced that have not been used for a quilt or table runner yet. Hand stitching is very relaxing, maybe we should all do more.

    • Sherry…oh my! What a wonderful heirloom to have! And you used the word “yet”, so I’m thinking you have been considering how to use her blocks in the future. Would you mind keeping me in the loop regarding this project?
      I totally agree with you…the rhythm of hand stitching is relaxing and meditative. The more, the better! TY for sharing, Sherry!

  2. I”m like you and much prefer to sew Christmas things when there’s no looming deadline. I work much better when I’m not under pressure. Whatever you make will be lovely I’m sure. Thank you for linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday.

    • Hi Wendy! Exactly! No deadline, less stress and much more FUN! I have a tendency to suffer from performance anxiety as well. Planning a project ahead of time eliminates that issue. Thank you for sharing and for your support!

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