Meal Prep Monday: Turkey Chili

Hey friends! Today I’m introducing new category to Hobbies Up To Here: Cooking!

While this site focuses a lot of the crafting side of hobbies, we also have a few non-craft hobbies. One of mine is cooking. I love to cook and find new, healthy ways to feed my family!

I try to plan out our meals on Sunday for the whole week and try to include three different types of protein so we don’t get bored. I bake some chicken, make some pulled beef or pork, bake some fish, or mix some ground turkey up for a chili.

For today’s post I’m going to share my turkey chili recipe. I love making this because it works as a chili over rice meal, with veggies, over lettuce, even in a wrap. But after a few days, when I’m worried the guys will be bored of chili, I change it up and make it into a pasta bake with some tomato sauce and noodles.

Turkey Chili

2.5 lb ground Jenni-O Lean Turkey

2 bags C&W Southwest Blend frozen veggies

1 packet low sodium mild taco seasoning

Everything Flavor God seasoning

First I coat my pot with olive oil then I brown the turkey on medium-high heat. I like to cook it alone so I can drain the meat and not lose the seasonings. After I brown then drain the turkey, I season with the Flavor God Everything seasoning and the taco packet.

Once it’s mixed and seasoned I continue to cook the meat on medium-low while I throw in the bags of southwestern veggie mix. If you want to add a different mixture of veggies or beans, go right ahead. I recently discovered this package from C&W and it work for us but there is a lot of room for creativity here.

Once it’s all mixed together I throw in a jar of Mateo’s gourmet mild salsa. I discovered this salsa recently and love it in the chili! It’s great with the other seasonings and gives it a little moisture.

I find that what makes a chili good is the flavor so I try to use low sodium seasonings so it doesn’t become too overpowered by salt. Instead I let the flavors of the salsa really stand out along with the taco packet and whatever else I add to it.

Later in the week, I’ll boil a pot of curly noodles, add some tomato sauce and new seasonings to the turkey then I’ll stir it together into casserole dish. I’ll bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes then top with cheese for a nice change up to our weekly meal plan.

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Until next time, enjoy!

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