WIP: First Quilt As You Go

And it begins!  My first Fun And Done QAYG quilt!

I’ve decided to make a crib sized quilt for a friend of mine who is due any day now.  She’s expecting a boy, so I went with some primary colors and complimentary fillers.


The pattern is an easy Diamonds Quilt pattern I bought from Fabric Junction.

I made the decision to purchase the “batting buddy” offered to help me along.  Anything to make my piecing and sewing go faster and more efficient, I’m totally down for!

As of now, I’ve cut most of the strips, and will use the batting buddy template to cut the backing and batting.

Then I’ll begin to assemble the blocks.  My machine has been sitting for a while…the next decision I’ll need to make, is to take it in for a “spa” tune up day, or take a chance and sew my blocks.  I may just take a chance…I’d hate to break up the rhythm I have going!

For now, my kitchen island serves as my cutting table.  Soon, I hope to have one in my sewing/crafting space!

I’ll keep you updated.  Until then, have a wonderful hobby filled day!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
Sew Fresh Quilts

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