Meal Prep Monday: Shredded Chicken

I hate to waste food. It’s one of my biggest pet-peeves. The idea of buying food then not getting to eat it in time drives me bats.

So I’ve made it a goal of mine to not allow that to happen. We’re not rolling in cash so all money put into food needs to be made worth it.

Last week I prepped my famous chili and some simple chicken breasts baked in butter and some Flavor God seasonings. The chili went fast but the chicken lingered and I began to worry that they would go uneaten.

It wasn’t that no one liked the chicken it was just that the chili really hit the spot and that was what everyone wanted to eat. When I saw that my chicken was just sitting there waiting to be eaten, I decided to make a move and use them.

Using a jar of mild salsa with some chicken broth, chopped onions, chopped peppers and some black beans, I cooked the chicken breasts in the mixture until tender. Then I shredded the chicken with a fork for burritos and rice bowls.

This week I’m doing the same with the last chicken breasts. This time I’m going more Italian with some garlic diced tomatoes, corn, and black beans. It has a very garlicky taste to it (which I LOVE) and I’m letting them simmer in the mixture for another shredded chicken dish.

The chicken goes well with potatoes, rice, and even on some shredded lettuce. Or even on its own! And it provides protein and lots of hearty flavor so it doesn’t get boring.

If you missed our last podcast, check it out!


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2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday: Shredded Chicken

  1. This looks fabulous! I’d love for you to share a post at my blog link up today! It’s a great network of bloggers, I hope you’ll join in! If you’re interested, there’s a quick explanation on my main menu under ‘Tell ’em Tuesdays’… all you need is a URL from the post you’d like to share!
    xoxo K

    • Will do! And I’ll make sure to visit every week when I post a healthy recipe. I’m always looking for a good link-up to promote and share with our readers!

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