For The Rocker, The Sewer And The Paisano In You!


Toscana. Sew Vintage. All Amped Up.

Yup, that about sums it up! I’m primarily Italian, I looove vintage era fabrics and am a rocker chick at heart. These three Layer Cake designs from The Missouri Star Quilt Co. are a perfect addition to my growing stash. I already have the piecing ideas in my head thanks to YouTube videos put out by MSQC. It would be soooo easy for me to sit at my computer and buy dozens of these packs with the excuse that I have SO many quilting gifts to make for Christmas! That justifies a rather large purchase, doesn’t it?!?

To be honest, I’m saving the Sew Vintage for myself. Each 10×10 inch square has a sewing motif. I love the muted colors and can see myself cuddled up underneath it when it’s finished, watching Sense and Sensibility or maybe Fried Green Tomatoes on the boob tube!

I’m excited about Toscana as well. With no theme printed designs, it will give me the opportunity to experiment a bit with quilting patterns that might not translate well with a directional design. I can’t wait to practice FMQ on these fabrics as well.

Now…the All Amped Up is already slated for a recipient! And it wasn’t the one I originally bought it for! I’m going to buy more packs of this design so I can make more than one quilt as requested. It will be fun fiddling with different patterns to see how I can showcase the awesome music inspired designs on each square.

Are there fabric designs that you naturally turn to when you enter your favorite local quilting store? What takes your breath away? Are there designs that you feel define who you ARE? Please share!
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