WIP: CIRCA 1934 Layer Cake 

This past weekend I was gifted with a  beautiful, new, hi-tech Elna 760 and I’ve been dying to get going with it. But life has been busy with school and work and testing and the wedding this weekend so she’s been politely sitting on my desk waiting for me to turn her on and get sewing!

After Dori posted the other day about her layer cake fabrics and the simple layer cake cutting and quilting method from the Missouri Star Quilting Co, I was determined that this would be my first project. The instructions are simple and I’m all about the simple steps right now.  It simply doesn’t require a lot of cutting and I’d be able to put my new machine to work!

I had this layer cake called CIRCA 1934 from Moda just laying around in a box. It’s got a nice vintage/modern feel to it and after watching the video on how to cut and sew together this simple scrapy quilt, I was set. This would be my first project on my new machine!
I dug out the fabric and starting cutting away. It’s so simple. Just cutting the full square down to one 3.5 in strip and a 6.5 in strip first them mixing and matching them together. A simple straight seam up one side seals the two together and voila! You’ve got yourself a starting point!  
Then you press and cut again this time cutting the squares in half making them 5 in wide strips. I fed the pairs through my machine and when I was done, I had a nice little pile of squares at my feet just waiting to be snipped and pressed.
I took my long chain of squares and set up a pressing and cutting station downstairs so I could keep an ear on my son playing outside.  

I popped on Chopped and pressed and snipped while I watched some TV, totally in the zone! It was the first time in a long time that I felt completely at peace working on a new project.  By 11pm I had 49 squares made, 6 of which were already made into a long row. I’ll have 6 squares in a row and 8 rows from top to bottom. I have yet to consider sashing or binding options but I’m thinking a red to match the reds in this with some black and white pattern would look sharp!

After this day of sewing, I’m completely head over heels in love with my Elna! She’s smooth, fast, and really makes sewing simple. My favorite thing so far? The little button you push to cut your thread! Just a simple push and BAM! Your thread is cut for you within the body of the machine. How crazy is that!!!

I have tons of pictures so I’ll let them do the talking. I’m tired and ready for bed!

Look! I actually used pins!!!!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
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11 thoughts on “WIP: CIRCA 1934 Layer Cake 

  1. Hmm… I’ll have to check out that video because I really like what you’re doing here. (My mother loves those Missouri Star Quilt videos!). I used a neglected layer cake of Circa 1934 as well last year. Why did we neglect them for so long – the fabrics are pretty aren’t they?
    Can’t wait to see it finished!

    • I don’t know about you Ann but when I really like a fabric or a set of fabrics I’ll neglect it mostly because I’m waiting to be inspired to do something great with it. I have another set of fabrics cut to a fat quarter size that I’m waiting on that lightbulb moment to get started on it. If I love it I want it to be used well and to be enjoyed. This process is so much fun that it’s making me love my fabric choices more and more.

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