TGIFF: The CIRCA 1934 Top 

First I started out with this….

Which quickly became this….

That slowly turned into eight of these….

And then ended as this…



I’m super proud of my work this week. I’ve taken my time to cut, sew and press the top to my CIRCA 1934 quilt and now have this beautiful top to work with.

Now I’m thinking it’s a me thing but some of my rows didn’t line up perfectly so now to debate whether or not to trim the edges to a more uniform size and shape.

I still have border colors to choose even though I think I’m going to go with that beautiful red as my backing.


Now to get batting and the backing/borders done so I can quilt!

This will be my first attempt at free-motion quilting now that I have my new machine.

Oooohhhh, so many possibilities.

4 thoughts on “TGIFF: The CIRCA 1934 Top 

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