Borders, Sashing, and Backing OH MY!

Have you ever pulled out a WIP and realize that you are missing a part of it? If you have, then you’ll sympathize with me . If you haven’t, then I hope you never do. It sucks!

I pulled out my Playful Colors quilt the other day to finally get cracking on the final steps. I’ve acknowledged that I don’t like wrapping up a quilt as much as I like put the top together. Once the pieces are all together and I have to start putting the borders on or adding sashing, I start to get distracted and lose focus.

I’m at that point now with this quilt and my CIRCA 1934 quilt, too. My CIRCA top is done and just needs borders, quilting, and the binding. My Playful Colors quilt needs the sashing to finish the top then the borders, quilting, and binding. But, the speed and interest I had originally has dwindled and I’m finding myself interested in started another project instead (OH SHINY!).


But I know better. I need to wrap these two up before I get going on anything new. Sadly, after a pricy trip to JoAnn’s I realized I’m missing a square. Dang! And I have only three strips of this pattern available to make a new square. So, I’m going to have to adjust my layout and go with what I have.


I also found out that the fabric I originally wanted is not being sold at the JoAnn’s near me and I can’t find a swatch of the fabric with a salvage edge that has the name on it so I went searching around the internet and couldn’t find the extra fabric. Once again I thought I was all set and now I’m having to change things up at the last minute.


Instead of a goldenrod fabric with orange polka dots, I’m making the sashing from this vibrant striped fabric. At first I worried it would be too busy but it has a lot of colors in it that match the variety in the charm pack. I got a nice yellow and a beautiful green to make the borders out of.


Just laying together it looks like it will work! I’m crossing my fingers it will work once it all comes together.


While I was there I also got the fabric I’ll need for the borders and backing of the CIRCA quilt. I wanted simple and strong so that it looked like the quilt top was framed with a cream matting and a final black border. I think I hit the mark with the cream/white fabric.



I struggled a bit with the red because it’s more of an orangey/rusty color than a true or cherry red. I threw a lot of reds down against the top and just couldn’t seem to find a good match. Then I red across this red and felt that it was pretty close and doesn’t seem to clash even if it is not perfect.


Again I’m crossing my fingers that everything comes together and that the colors work and don’t clash.


Honestly, looking at all of them together I almost think they could have made a great blanket! I think I may need more of that striped fabric. It’s seriously amazing! These pictures don’t really do it justice!
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