WIP: QAYG Baby Quilt


My first attempt at QAYG is coming along famously.  It’s for a friend’s infant son, and I wanted fabrics that were bright and cheerful to go with a classic diamond pattern I purchased online from Fabric Junction.  It’s a wonderful Fun & Done QAYG pattern, and trust me, I’ll be using this pattern again and again!


I found some blank wall space in our family room that was perfect to put up the squares I had completed to see how I wanted the quilt to look.  I’m so glad I did…I found the second layout to be more pleasing than the first.  It made all the difference!

I like this layout better.

I still have two more rows of blocks to complete before I start the sashing and binding process, both of which are already built into the blocks.  I’m hoping to have this crib quilt completed by next week.  I’m really enjoying the rhythm of sewing this quilt, and honestly, getting reacquainted with my sewing machine all over again.  Though it’s about twenty years old, it’s a wonderful machine, and I have no desire to purchase a new one at this time.  Yay for good investments!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Happy Crafting!

I love watching my classic movies while I sew!

Yay! I found these labels buried in my sewing basket. Score!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
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