Meal Prep Monday: Budget Challenge Update

Two weeks ago I challenged myself work with a new grocery budget. It was both out of curiosity and necessity. With me being home this summer, I knew I’d need to find places to cut our spending. After studying how we spend our money, I realized our grocery shopping was a big extravagant. As much as I planned and prepped meals ahead of time, we still found ourselves wasting money on take out and throwing out food that was going to waste.

So I dove in and got our shopping down to the nitty gritty. I started by shopping around for good deals and made myself use what I had on hand. I’ve also started packing my husband a lunch so that all his meals on the road are home cooked, healthy, and saving us at least $20-$25 a day in take out.

I got our bill down to $100 a week! And we’re saving a good $100 from the lack of take out, too!

I posted my chicken enchilada recipe I made from the batch of groceries I bought my first go around. Along with that, I also made a beef stir fry, some brown sugar and Italian seasonings chicken, mini turkey meatloaves, and some baked blueberry oatmeal with an almond and walnut crumble on top. Nothing went to waste! Everything was either eaten or frozen to be reheated another day. These were all recipes I found on Pinterest and gave them all a go to change things up.

I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment and I’m attempting to do the same this week. I’m going out to Costco for meat and some snack items like beef jerky and grapes. We found that after the first week, we only needed to spend $50 to stock up on our low-running snacks. We tried to fill this need with Trader Joe’s but we didn’t get as much out of our $50 as we had hoped. So I’m attempting to stretch that dollar further at Costco.

Ground turkey pasta sauce

Baked oatmeal with a crushed almond crust.

Our first two weeks saw our grocery bill cut in half and THEN some! I’m pretty thrilled with the outcome and hope to repeat it this week. The good news is that I won’t need as many ingredients as I did that first trip because I stocked up pretty good. Now to get snacks and fresh items to fill in the gaps.

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