Are You A Jack Of All Trades? Join the club!

Happy Friday All!

It’s no secret that I have multiple interests in various hobbies. Photography, quilting, sewing, cross stitching, writing, reading and porcelain doll making, to name a few. To those who expound the adage “a jack of all trades, a master of none” I have one response:


No, this is not a rant. I simply want to encourage all of you to go where your creative brain and curious heart leads you. I do, and I feel my life is much richer for it.

I struggle with being a beginner at a new skill. I want to be an expert at everything I take an interest in trying. Of course, this is insane, and though I have never claimed to be completely of sound mind, I have an ounce or two of common sense in regards to beginning a whole new art form.  It can be costly, time consuming and yes, frustrating.  However,  I’ve had the experience of starting a new hobby and working through the beginner stages, seeing if the new artistic endeavor sticks, and moving on to a relative level of knowledge and expertise. On that journey, I’ve met amazing like-minded people who have guided, educated and supported me. Lots of new friends. That alone is worth embarking on an unfamiliar but enticing creative adventure.

I already have a few projects in the works as I write, all of them calling me to come and play. An almost-finished QAYG baby quilt, a cross stitch wedding piece that I just used an extensive “frog” stitch on (rip it, rip it, rip it!!!!), two books (one to read, one to listen to as I create) and a pair of red cashmere baby sox on double pointed needles.  More than enough, I’d say, yes?

And then.  Just this morning on Pinterest….be still my heart!   I saw a photos of porcelain dolls that took my breath away. One was clothed in Steampunk attire;


one, painted head to toe in tattoos, another whose tattoo art included her face;



one looked as though great pains were taken to make her look authentically Goth;


All unlike any other dolls I’d ever seen before.

Most of the dolls I’ve made in the past were decidedly “traditional”. These new images, however, made my arms break out in gooseflesh. Stunning, outside-of-the-box creations, I was inspired to go online (again!), determined to find a resource for porcelain slip to pour into a fairy mold I have stashed on a shelf in my garage. That small adorable mold would be PERFECT for turning out some modern Steampunk or other alternative art dolls, I reckon! I was successful, and with the warmer weather, I expect to begin pouring next week or so. Now to find someone who has access to a kiln lol! 🙂

So, how about we stop hiding the fact that we want to experience many new paths to showcase what’s in our creative imagination? Let’s don’t let the fact that we’ve accomplished a level of mastery of our primary artistry block us from investing the time we need to experiment with something we’re itching to learn.  Deal?

I’d love to hear about what beckons to you.  Has it newly come to your attention, or has it always been in the back of your mind?

Let’s challenge each other! Stretch, reach, risk….and by all means, let’s have FUN!

Your devoted Jack Of All Trades (and proud of it!),


4 thoughts on “Are You A Jack Of All Trades? Join the club!

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