Hobbies Up To Here Episode #11

Welcome back, hobbyists and crafters!
How are you this hot, sticky August day?

My mom and I got together and talked about life and gray hair and quilting.
Join us!!



I’m cranking out and cutting up my fat quarters for my new Friendship quilt. It’s been a long tedious journey cutting and cutting but it’ll be worth it!

But what now? Do I put my blocks together randomly? Or do I go about it in a systematic way? Well, I made a video asking the same question.

What do you think?

IMG_4767And my mom is working quickly through her Pinwheel Twist.


Check out this video if you want to join her and make your own Pinwheel Twist quilt.


Isn’t this cut darling?

We also take off on a personal topic. Dori has decided to cut off her hair! And to allow it to grow out to its natural gray color. Have you done the same?

We talk about the good and bad, pros and cons of allowing your hair to age naturally with you while still keeping your funky, youthful attitude.

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9 thoughts on “Hobbies Up To Here Episode #11

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  2. What a beautiful pattern for a quilt. I want to start quilting more often. Thanks for linking up at the Bloggers Brags party, I pinned your post to our group board.

  3. Hi Katie and Dori, I started listening to you yesterday, whike commuting and at work. There were so many things I wanted to comment on (I started at episode 5, and went up to #14 today), and decided to visit the blog to see if it can remind me of the things I wanted to say. Dori, you look fabulous! I was so hoping you guys would post a picture on the blog. I saw you in the first vlog about the quilt run, and have to say this hair style looks so much better on you. I decided to grow out my hair when I turn 50 (6 more years), now it would be about 60% white. Genes!
    Katie, I agree with you on the definition of running. When I’m faster than walking I consider it as a run 🙂 I’m just getting back to my old routine, started to walk again on a daily basis, and in week 2 of eating healthy. I heard you complaining about snacks. I eat an apple and 1/2 oz almonds, or any kind of fruit as a snack. Also, I have the same stomach problem with dairy products and bread. There are tons of healthy blogs (eatingwell.com, naturallysassy.co.uk, cleaneatingmag.com just to mention a few) with lots of healthy options. I can also recommend Dani Spies on youtube for healthy recipe ideas. You might all know these already, as I am only about 8 months behind as of now 🙂
    I am in love with your show, keep them coming!

    • Kati your comment means the world to us! Knowing you heard us AND returned to share and chat is super awesome! Hey go you on your running/walking! Hopefully that will motivate me, too! I’ve been not doing as well as I would like but I know I can start anytime I put my mind to it. Thanks for the website recommendations. I’ll have to check them out!

    • Hi Kati!
      It’s soooo good to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and for sharing with us.
      My hair is almost totally grown out now! I LOVE IT! I’m letting the length grow a bit as well. I get lots of compliments on the natural color. Yay for aging gracefully, and those GENES lol!
      You’ve inspired me….I need to walk, and it’s definitely time. I miss regular exercise…it’s not just the weight loss, but how good it makes me feel, ya know? Keep up the good work!
      Have an amazing evening, and please share information and your thoughts with us any time.
      Dori 🙂

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