Quilting in My Dreams

I have very vibrant dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so intense I wake up from my husband gently shaking me because I’m moaning and crying in my sleep. Well, those ones aren’t really dreams as much as they are nightmares, but you get the picture.

I’ve never struggled with remembering my dreams because they stick with me no matter how I sleep. Rarely does a night go by without some odd images floating through my brain while I’m passed out all cozy in my bed.

Recently, I woke up from a dream that really stuck with me. In it, I imagined working on Jake’s Marvel Quilt, a project I hadn’t touched in months. I had all the squares cut but nothing else done and I was stuck on how to go forward. How did I want to finish my blocks?

I knew they needed borders and while I had an original plan already in mind, in my dream I saw a different way to go about it.


This was my original plan. Border opposite sides with the same color in the first round then switching the colors and making thicker borders the second round. But in my dream I saw one color in opposite corners then switching those to the other corner.

After getting up with this new idea in my head, I had to sew. I got all my chores done then headed to my mom’s house to work. I even managed to film a bit of my thoughts and process through the day!

In the end I came up with this!

Not bad!

After making this initial block, I put it aside for a few days then resumed work. It’s a bit tedious, this process, but I like the way the blocks come out. Bright, vibrant, and a little different.

So far I have four blocks cut and started: one completed (above) and three in progress. In the end each block comes out to 10-10.5 inches squared, depending on how closely my cuts are.

It’s definitely a messy undertaking as I have to sew, press, cut for each row making this an extremely tedious process. While I’m glad to have movement on it, I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of ALL THOSE BLOCKS I’ll need to make to complete a proper quilt for my son.

Along with my CIRCA 1934 quilt, my Playful Colors quilt, and the Friendship quilt, all of which are in progress in different stages here and there, I’m adding to the pile this Avengers Heroes quilt, too. The diverse projects I have going really gives me a lot to do and to work on without feeling like I have to stick to just one at a time.

5 thoughts on “Quilting in My Dreams

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