Meal Prep Monday: Garlic Chipotle Chicken Tenders

Lately I’ve been in a cooking funk. Cooking the same things over and over. I’ve haven’t been thinking outside the box.

Seeing as we’ve been slogging through my cooking funk, we’ve fallen back on some unhealthy habits. I haven’t been cooking as much as I usually do so we buy dinner out or throw together sandwiches.

This slip up has caused my husband and I talk seriously about cleaning up our diets and cutting out the processed things and sugar. We’ve been reading up on different meal plans like paleo cooking and taking a few notes from the Whole30.

Starting September 1st, we’re starting a cleaner, whole foods approach to eating. Which means I need to kick it up a notch and start cooking again! More meal planning and prep on the weekends to include all our good veggies and fruits and proteins to keep us on track.

To add to our already lacking refrigerator, I made up some simple, tasty garlic and chipotle chicken tenders with vegetables.

I love my avocado oil and I hope to visit the downtown market before the end of its season so I can get another bottle. I recently discovered pre-minced garlic. Where have you been ALL MY LIFE? I mean I love fresh stuff but if I can have it already cut for me, yes please!

We keep a few packs of frozen veggies although I also buy fresh when I can. I like the crunch of the water chestnuts in this pack. It’s a nice change from the peas and carrots.

I like cooking with tenders because they are smaller and can be used in a number of ways. They can be eaten on their own, on a salad, in a rice bowl, or even shredded in a burrito.  You can do the same with a chicken breast but I find having the smaller sized cuts makes it more time efficient when portioning the chicken out.

While the oil and the garlic cook over medium heat, I coat the chicken in some Flavor God chipotle seasonings. Because they are low in sodium, I don’t feel that you can over flavor them so I’m pretty liberal with the seasonings.

I decided to mix it up the seasonings with the veggies and add in some Garlic Lover.

In the end, I mashed some potatoes with thyme, parmesan cheese, and butter to balance out dinner that night and we loved it. The chipotle seasoning really added a smokey kick that went well with both the veggies and the mashed potatoes.

By just mixing up the seasonings, this chicken was a change up from other chicken I’ve made. You can eat healthy and stick to what you know but having a options for seasonings really helps to change it up so things don’t get boring. Playing in the kitchen is one of my favorite things while sharing what I discover is my second favorite thing!

Thanks for popping by today. Don’t forget to check out our most recent podcast, episode #12!

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