Meal Prep Monday: Almond Chicken Tenders

We recently did a week off from breads, sugars, and dairy. We wanted to see how we would do without certain foods that tend to trigger issues relating to our health. It was meant to be a full 30 days but we lasted only 7. After awhile the restrictions made us grumpy.

During that time I had to get creative with our meals. Just plain ol’ chicken got old real fast. Knowing I couldn’t bread the chicken I had to make substitutions like almond meal for breading or panko crust. Except I didn’t have any almond meal. I did have almonds, though.

With my handy little processor I ground up a few cups of almonds to create a nice fine crumble that I added some seasonings to.

Just a healthy sprinkling of my garlic lovers seasoning to give it some flavor. I left off any salt or pepper so we could season it as we each needed.

I rolled my chicken tenders into the almond meal mixture and through it into the frying pan with some butter. I let each tender brown and cut into each to check that they were each cooked through.

I have to say, this dish came out beautifully. The little one didn’t appreciate the nutty flavor that the almond meal added to the chicken and my husband found it interesting. I, on the other hand, loved it.

I made up a side of veggies and added some butternut squash cooked with bacon to mix it up. I’ll have to post that recipe also because it is DEVINE!


2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday: Almond Chicken Tenders

  1. Oh my, this looks so yummy! Try spreading mustard and a bit of olive oil on the tenders, with salt and pepper. Grill or cook them in a pan, sooo good!

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