TGIFF: The Spring Bouquet Appliqué

I’m pretty proud of my mom. Ever since I brought her on here at Hobbies Up To Here, she’s taken off running without looking back. She’s stepped out of her comfort zone and tried so many new crafty things. Not only is she trying new things but she’s also doing them very well. Her progress has been impressive and she’s learning new lessons daily.


This week she finished her first appliqué square. She picked up her Spring Bouquet kit from Laundry Basket Quilts and knocked it out of the park with style. My dad helped, our course. He helped her built her light table and then even went so far as to help attach the appliqué pieces.

They worked together as a team to set up the square and then my mom sewed the whole thing together using her new machine.

Using an invisible monofilament thread up top and a matching cotton thread on the bottom, she sewed down each piece creating an exquisite spring picture with birds and flowers.


Enough of my chatting, check out the picture below to see what I’m fussing about! Really, words don’t do it justice and neither do the pictures. They barely capture the beauty and precision in which she sewed this square together. I can’t wait to see the rest of her quilt come together!

A pretty birdy!

The whole square.


So much color and texture in those fabrics.


Look at those perfect stitches!


Super proud of you mom!!!IMG_0123

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12 thoughts on “TGIFF: The Spring Bouquet Appliqué

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  2. Hi, Katie! Wow – your mom’s block is so gorgeous, between her beautiful fabric choices and the precise sewing. Thanks for linking at TGIFF. I’m happy to “meet” you guys this way – what FUN to do things together here on the blog!

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