Hobbies Up To Here Episode #15

Hey Hobbyists and Crafters! It’s time for another episode of our podcast!!


We talk about our process and journey along the road to a finished product. With each step we take, we learn something new and get closer to being better crafters. Even mistakes are welcomed as we always learn something from them!

This week we have a finished quilt!


And lots of new things to share!

I’m testing out Periscope as a way to reach new audiences who are also into crafting and creating. If you want to see what I’m sharing, follow me @Kekibird


My mom is working on a new table runner for Christmas using some border fabric and a triangular ruler.IMG_0180

She’s still deciding on the quilting design she wants to go with but so far it’s looking great!IMG_0179

We can’t seem to get enough of quilting so as we finish one project, we start another! Together we’re going to take a table runner for Halloween using our Haunted Mansion charm pack from Moda.

My mom is also going to attempt to make a maxi skirt! Plush next square in her Spring Bouquet quilt has arrived and she’s ready to get it started!


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